• Mollan riimiparit




    Mollan riimiparit peli on toteutettu osana Opetushallituksen ja Lappeenrannan kaupungin rahoittamaa ”eMolla- materiaalia ja toimintaympäristö varhaiskasvatukseen ja esiopetukseen” hanketta (2012-2015). Hanketta koordinoi Saimaan mediakeskus. eMolla-hankkeessa toteutetaan oppimismateriaalia ja...

  • 7.3

    Falling Stars




    A fun and addictive arcade for all ages

  • Molla's matching game




    Find the matching cards with Molla! The cards features different shapes, animals with their sounds and media related devices. Molla speaks English, Spanish and Finnish. Molla's matching game was created as part of a eMolla project funded by the Finnish national board of education and the...

  • Alien Invasion




    Aliens are threatening the Earth once again with their massive numbers. You must defeat the aliens! Gain upgrades to your spaceship by destroying aliens. Control the spaceship by tilting the phone / tablet and fire by tapping the screen. Alien Invasion is a Space Invaders type of a Android...

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