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  • Kids Hindi Learning




    App help your to Learn Hindi Alphabet also teach you how to speak them and much more. Kids Hindi Learning app is developed for Hindi children so child can learn Hindi letter recognitions , identify picture with name and trace letter through this apps on mobile and tablet. Feature: 1)...

  • Kids Gujarati Learning




    App help your to Learn Gujarati Alphabet also teach you how to speak them and much more. Feed up of finding the best source for learning and finding new Gujarati Characters? Then this app is developed for you with the best solution for enhancing the Gujarati word vocabulary. Gujarati...

  • Bhagavad Gita Quotes




    ★ ★ ★ Get ready for the best collection of Bhagavad Gita quotes available on the app store ★ ★ ★ This app will contain famous saying from great leader's like Krishna, Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Arjun, Sanatan Dharm, Devanagri, Bhim, Draupadi and many more. One can get the collection of best...

  • Kids Catch & Learn




    This game is for kids that can enjoy as game and learns approx 200 words just playing. Game includes Fruit, Vegetable, Number, Shape, Alphabet and Flower names. Kids have to just catch any element from left side given after completed 5 successfully catch element will be change. Also below of...

  • Nitya Niyam




    The Swaminarayan sect insists on restraint of the senses, a religious vow or control, meditation and the worship of God Swaminarayan. Nityaniyam (daily routine or daily prayer) is quite popular and famous in Bhujmandir and in Swaminarayan sect, hence to benefit all the followers of the...

  • Shikshapatri




    God Swaminarayan has showed a wonderful art of living life with a human being and nature through the medium of the Shikshapatri and his life. God Swaminarayan has displayed a unique way to the world to enjoy the heavenly joys by writing this small Shikshapatri of 212 stanzas. Bhujmandir and the...

  • Ma Bap




    Ma Bap:- by Surya Prakash Acharya God Swaminarayan says one should serve his parents, ma Bap. In this world, there are three great characters namely: a father, a mother and a preceptor who, according to their wish, impart to their children; the power, the opulence, the luster and the...

  • Words Match




    Are you looking for the app which help your kids to learn new words and enhance their vocabulary as well as reading skills? Then here is the best solution for you. ArkayApps brings Word Match Up games is the English words match game that help you discover new meanings and new words and enhance...

  • Swami Vivekananda Quotes Hindi




    Swami Vivekananda Quotes in Hindi is collection of most conceptual and iconic quotes of swami vivekananda. This app is quite simple to use. Everyone can use and task advantage of swami quotes. Motivate yourself by downloading and read quote of swami Vivekanand. if you like quote you can share...

  • Kids Words Power




    Best words power app for age 4-8 years kids and children. Does you like to improve your kids/child words power? Yes, then Gift this app to your kids. we are sure kids/child will love this app. This kid’s words power game designed for kids and child that improve its words power to playing game....

  • Spell of Life




    Swaminarayan Mandir is place for inspiration. Bhuj Dham has many wonderful holy inspirational signs. As well as this small book named ‘Jivan Mantra’, which is the key of success containing brilliant famous, best, great, inspirative, smart, super and life style quotations having wonderful spell...

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