• Geofencer





    This app helps you set up AUTOMATIC actions and events on entering or exiting specific map areas called geofences. . Basically, you can add a geofence anywhere on a map, and choose: - When you want to be notified (entering or exiting the area, or both) - How you want to be notified (phone...

  • Puzzler





    Turn any image in the Gallery into a temporary, drag&drop, 3-difficulty level puzzle with this free Android application. Can't seem to get to the end of a puzzle? Need some help? Just touch the screen (without dragging) to have a peak at the vertical sequence of pieces. Touch the screen...

  • K-Memo





    Store any private data (PIN, credentials, phone numbers, addresses etc..) in an encrypted list, fast & easy. K-Memo is a memo pad with encryption, with the possibility to back up and transfer the ciphered contents to another phone or computer via USB, email attachment, or Bluetooth file...

  • VIP SMS Popup

    VIP SMS Popup




    Give a VIP treatment to one of your Contacts by having a personalized VIP window popup with a distinct configurable notification sound each time that VIP contact sends you an SMS message. Free app, no ads.

  • K-coder



    All in one, fast & easy SMS, Image and file encryption using a number of special effects (sounds, fading, rotation etc..) that can be controlled via Settings. K-coder sends and receives SMS (in clear text or encrypted) to multiple recipients with a single click (multicast). It also...

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