Arpita Suroshe

  • Ayurveda - Cures n Remedies




    Ayurveda is an Ancient system of medicine which uses Herbal treatment to cure diseases. This app gives you cures and remedies on many diseases. For each disease there are 2-3 remedies. The cures mentioned are easy to prepare and uses common herbs that can be found in kitchen and garden If you...

  • Personality Reflector




    The only application where you will get to know the reason behind your stress by answering a simple question, your priorities in life by arranging few option in order, your nature depending on your blood group. Have you ever imagined that your dress changing style can also reveal something...

  • Tarot Teller




    A must app for those who are, - interested to know their Daily predictions - confused and need help to take any decision - curious about their future and coming year - worried about health and relations - concerned about a perticular question and need guidance - willing to know their inner self...

  • BMI n Fat Calculator




    Body Mass Index is a measure of the weight of a person scaled according to their height. Body fat percentage is the weight of a person's fat divided by the person's weight. It lets you see how much of your body is made up of fat, and how much is bone, muscle, blood, and organs. So if...

  • Fun.SMS


    Use this application once & it will make you feel that messaging was never such a fun before!!!! It’s a collection of messages in various languages from all over the world. Application where you can share messages, keep your private messages secret & much more…

  • Find Around Me




    Find the places around you that you need the most and usually search for(when you are not aware of the area) at the tip of your finger. May it be ATM or gas stations or beauty sallons, you will get the list of these in few seconds. Also you will get the route map from your current location to...

  • Weather Around Me




    Weather around me allows you to get the detailed information about your surrounding weather. In addition to this, you can find out the weather of other cities and the weather conditions for future days also. This application is simple and user friendly and gets everything you need about the...

  • BrainBooster




    Stressed Out ??? Need to refresh your brain and keep it active ? Go for this game then. Brain Booster has two options to play. Chase the chain - Stimulates your brain and increases its grasping power. Tap on the object that change the color according to the sequence it is changed. Action...

  • Multi Unit Converter




    This app is all in one unit converter in one app. Easy to use and quick results. Just type the number you want to convert and get its equivalent for all other units in within a second. Best thing about the app is that you can input the number in any of the textbox and you will get the converted...

  • Vita-Min




    Vitamins and minerals boost the immune system; support normal growth and development, and help cells and organs do their jobs. This app helps you to gain some basic knowledge of vitamins and minerals. Simple to use and easy to understand, this app has the list of all the vitamins and minerals in...

  • Fun N Flick




    Get to know INTERESTING FACTS about 9 Major part of YOUR LIFE on a click. This app helps you to discover yourself, your relationship and emotions in a very exciting way. Emotions, Friends, Fun, Life Partner, Love, Marriage, Relation, Self, Style are the different facets of this application.

  • Tap Tap Words




    A simple, addictive and informative game where you can learn words with the meaning and improve your vocabulary.

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