• Guns Sounds & Ringtones PRO

    Guns Sounds & Ringtones PRO




    Best gun sounds & ringtones that can be easily set as notification/sms sound, ringtone or alarm. Gun sounds can be easy customized by marking favourite ones. 30 different sounds to choose from, more sounds coming with next updates Prank and scare all your friends with this great app!...

  • School Bell

    School Bell




    Want to prank your teacher and leave school earlier? Now you can, just use School Bell app. It sounds like a real school bell. Amuse your friends, download School Bell app. Keywords: school, school bell, classroom bell, school bell sound, school sound, prank, teacher prank, prank your teacher

  • Guns Sounds PRO

    Guns Sounds PRO




    Guns Sounds PRO - don't search anymore, this is the beast guns (shots) sounds app on Google Play Store. Created for maximum entertainment this app contains almost every gun sound with high quality pictures and greatly designed UI that looks like a battlefield. For the best experience Guns...

  • X-Ray Scanner HD

    X-Ray Scanner HD




    X-Ray Scanner HD lets you prank your friends and show them x-ray scans of theirs hands, feet, skull and chest. X-Ray Scanner HD is easy to use however for the best results start inside app tutorial and take some practice. Main Features: * Live scanning * Easy to use * Uses flashlight, vibrator...

  • Voice Dialer (Voice Dialing)

    Voice Dialer (Voice Dialing)




    Voice Dialer is a simple app which enables voice dialing on Android smartphone. To use voice dialer you have to have installed Google Voice Search and be connected to the internet. Voice Dialer comes with two different layouts to choose, and some cool features: * autorun enabled/disabled *...

  • Weapons Sounds

    Weapons Sounds




    This app provides high quality weapons' sounds with photos. Amuse and scare your friends. Feel like inside a war, enjoy ;) Keywords: weapons sounds, weapon sounds, weapon, grenade, tazzzer, rocket, rocket launcher, bazooka, pistol, revolver, colt, bomb, explosion, paralyser

  • Pigs Sounds and Photos

    Pigs Sounds and Photos




    This app provides great photos of pigs with high-quality pigs' sounds as well. Simply choose your favourite pig and hear it's sound. Prank and amuse your friends, enjoy ;) Keywords: pig, pigs, pig sounds, pigs sounds, pigs photos, pigs pictures, pigs pics, pig pics, pig sound, pig voice

  • Animal Sounds & Ringtones

    Animal Sounds & Ringtones




    Animal Sounds and Ringtones is the best animal ringtone type app on market. With 30 different animal sounds it provides amazing experience. Feel like inside real zoo. Every Animal Sound can be easy set as a ringtone, sms or alarm. Try this best animal sound app! Features: *High Quality Animal...

  • Funny Sounds & Ringtones

    Funny Sounds & Ringtones




    Funny Sounds and Ringtones is the funniest app on Market. This app includes 30 different funny sounds which can be easy set as a ringtone, sms or alarm. Big variety of sounds, to start with cows and horses and ends on classic fart ;) Have to try this funny sounds. Prank and amuse your friends....

  • Scary Ringtones & Sounds

    Scary Ringtones & Sounds




    Scary Ringtones & Sounds is the most terrifying app on Google Play. With this app you will easily frighten your mates. Every scary sound can be easily set as phone ringtone, notifications (sms) ringtone, alarm ringtone or you can easily assign particular scary ringtone to a contact. We...

  • Mirror HD

    Mirror HD




    Best mirror on the market, turn your phone into a handy mirror. With this mirror you can easily see details of your face, check your look, see your teeth, do your make-up, do your hair. Now you don't have to wear mirror everywhere, you have app made especially for that. Key Features: * Easy...

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