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Actors From RPG

Actors from RPG is a game that takes pleasure in adventure in the world where a lot of variegated people appear. You become an adventurer, and it challenges the unexplored region of a deep labyrinth and the former person untrodden and the soaring tower darkly with a reassuring companion for the mystery the honor wealth.

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The pinball-style slot machine fan cannot be overlooked. Super-real slot game "FUJIYAMA" finally appears. Vividness of eyes and beautiful graphic that can taste enough Japan and light sounds such as kabuki and the four seasons.

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Mach Ninja

High speed & exciting NINJA action! Fly the sky of the Tokaido in easy operation! [How to play] * You caught by tapping the shuriken -> Fly by tapping the screen! * You tap the shuriken one after another, and you fly. * You defeat the enemy in the collision. * When the speed goes up, an aggressive area also spreads. * You compete with a fri…

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