• FREE Astro Clock LWP

    FREE Astro Clock LWP




    The FREE Astro Clock is a Live Wallpaper clock and a real-time simulation of the inner Solar System, including the planets Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars to scale for either size or orbit. The moons of Earth and Mars (Phobos and Deimos) are included, without being to scale. Beside being a clock...

  • ATOMium 3D Free Live Wallpaper

    ATOMium 3D Free Live Wallpaper




    ATOMium is a FREE Live Wallpaper (LWP) presenting fictitious atoms like RANDon, BROWNium, DiCUBium, BALLium and FIFTYon moving in simulated 3D space as kinetic art. The Wallpaper lets you adjust colors, size, ball size and animation speed for an entertaining 3D display on your device. ATOMIUM is...

  • MonDriaNoid Free LWP Clock

    MonDriaNoid Free LWP Clock




    MonDriaNoid is a Free Live Wallpaper "Clock", simulating the abstract art of the famous modern Dutch artist with a similar name, Piet Mondrian from the De Stijl movement MonDriaNoid is a time driven art pieces that also shows the time and date in an unusual fashion. MonDriaNoid works...

  • GeoMetric Clock Live Wallpaper

    GeoMetric Clock Live Wallpaper




    The FREE GeoMetric Clock LWP with a geeky-artistic-minimalistic design has hands extending past the device screen, even a distant glance will tell you the time. The GeoMetric Clock was the first in a series of Live Wallpaper (LWP)clocks from ARTware+Software for Android. For more settings like...

  • DeKonstr Clock Live Wallpaper

    DeKonstr Clock Live Wallpaper




    The FREE Live Wallpaper DeKonstr Clock is a very unusual digital/analog clock and may take some time to get used to. The DeKonstr Clock has hour, minute and second hand liberated (de-constructed) from its central and circular limitations. It is still easy to tell the time. Watch additional hands...

  • NumberTree Clock LiveWallpaper

    NumberTree Clock LiveWallpaper




    The ARTware NumberTree Clock is a live wallpaper (LWP) clock. The NumberTree Clock displays the hours, minutes and seconds attached as leaves to a tree.The date, month and day become the sun in the number landscape. This clock is as different as it gets from a Swiss Watch. . The ARTware...

  • KruKru Clock Live Wallpaper

    KruKru Clock Live Wallpaper




    The Free KruKru Clock resembles the setup in a KruKru Sushi restaurant where the dishes are presented on an assembly line. The hands change speed depending on the configuration but it is still quite easy to tell the time. Additionally the phase of the moon and the date (as an option...

  • ExZentric Clock Live Wallpaper

    ExZentric Clock Live Wallpaper




    The FREE live wallpaper (LWP) ExZentric Clock has its minute hand attached to the end of the hour hand and the second hand to the end of the minute hand. This simple change results in somewhat complicated and interesting patterns and a small but interesting challenge to read the time. Please...

  • TreeOid Live Wallpaper Tree

    TreeOid Live Wallpaper Tree




    The FREE TreeOid Live Wallpaper (LWP) app shows a stylized tree, moving its branches in patterns indicating the time of day. The tree is changing its shape during each minute interval but even more over an hour and a full day span. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter are themed seasons with different...

  • 2Timer Clock Live Wallpaper

    2Timer Clock Live Wallpaper




    The ARTware 2Timer Clock is a FREE live wallpaper (LWP) that lets you watch the time in two time zones at once ,without messing with the time settings of your device. The dual timezone settings help when you are traveling or communicating with people in different time-zones. For more settings...

  • Graph Clock Live Wallpaper

    Graph Clock Live Wallpaper




    The ARTware Graph Clock is a live wallpaper (LWP) clock. The Graph Clock displays the year, month, day, hour, minutes and second in a new innovative way. It is not your regular Swiss Watch. We are to much tied to the traditional way, where two or three hands of different length rotate around a...

  • ARTware Clock Collection LWP

    ARTware Clock Collection LWP




    The ARTware Clock Collection is a selection of clocks contained in one app. The collection combines analog and digital elements resulting in a minimal modern art design for all the presented clocks. The ART-ware Clock Collection Live Wallpaper (LWP) includes the Astro, GeoMetric, MonDriaNoid,...

  • ReGular Clock Live Wallpaper

    ReGular Clock Live Wallpaper




    The ReGular Clock is just that a simple but beautiful clock. The Free Live Wallpaper clock (LWP) displays the time and date (year, month, day) and the current moon-phase in an interesting design. For more settings like: (Widget like) Screen Placement, Text Size (or no text), Clock Size,...

  • PRO ReGular Clock LWP

    PRO ReGular Clock LWP




    The PRO ReGular Clock is very simple at least compared with many other ARTware clocks. This Android Live Wallpaper (LWP) clock displays the time and date (year, month, day) and shows the current moon-phase. The PRO Version has many settings options: Widget like Screen Placement, Text Size (or no...

  • PRO OnTime Clock LWP

    PRO OnTime Clock LWP




    The ARTware PRO OnTime Clock is a live wallpaper clock (lwp) with a very simple but stylish look. OnTime displays the hours, minutes, seconds, day, month and shows the current moon phase. The minute and hour indicators move with the time. There are two version of the designer clock face (Round...

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