Asanka Senavirathna

  • Face Mood Scanner




    Face Mood scanner can detect your mood by taking a picture of you from the camera. this is a must have android app. this is way better than a thumb mood scanner, because this scans your face, not the thumb. Use Mood Scanner to test your friend's, family member's or someone else's...

  • Night Clock HD




    This is a simple, retro-style night clock. It will display the time in big, bold letters. It has five different clock skins (red, white, blue, green and real classic). Night Clock HD is the only app which has a monochrome style classic digital clock (luminous clock). Night clock HD allows you to...

  • When you get old




    Would you like to see how your face would look like after 20 or 30 years? just take a picture from 'When you get old' or select an already taken picture. 'When you get old' will show your old face. 'When you get old' is using advanced face detection technology to predict...

  • Memory Booster HD




    Memory Booster HD is a free tool, which can free your ram and speed up your phone/tablet. Most of the Android devices have a limited memory. When you using more and more apps, your free memory getting limited and you may experience some slowness. Memory Booster HD can overcome this issue by...

  • NoteMaster NotePad + draw pad




    Yes, there are lots of Note taking apps in the Marketplace. But this might be the handiest one. It’s just like a regular notepad. You can type anything, and you can draw anything from your finger. You can curl the page like in a regular notepad, and then it will save the current note and open...

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