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  • GajananAgri Order Management


    Gajanan Agri Order Management App is an app to manage the order placed . Features : 1. Show list of Product ,Category ,Subcategory,Specification,Code. 2. Can generate order according to the product category, subcategory,specification,code. 3. Can send email of generated order. 4. Horizontal...

  • FieldSenss


    Service Management for energy saving solutions - Scheduling This helps to schedule Preventive, Breakdown maintenance, system installation calls. Field engineers gets new tickets in their device. Service Calls on mobile The field engineers can update the job done and also get history along with...

  • Live Location




    Instantly share your location with friends, partners and colleagues. Allow them to know your location. With livelocation employees can update their colleagues, kids can update their parents, partners each other, and friends can use it to find each other. Login with your email. Add your friends...

  • Field Mobility




    Mobility solution can help for managing the service, commissioning and maintenance in all territories and increase the operational efficiency. Scheduling Tasks are scheduled based on availability of resources for particular territory and their skills, work load etc. Time and location reporting...

  • Domaining Profits Avalanche


    One of the biggest mistakes that many who are new to the concept of business and generating an income on the net make is to believe that the online business world is some kind of revolutionary new way of making money. They’re right in one small way in that websites are the modern online...

  • Facebook Fanatic


    Termed as the fastest growing social network many are now beginning to acknowledge the Facebook as a viable marketing tool. As Facebook emerges as an integral part of many people’s daily life, the possibilities are endless when using it as an avenue to build customer or business relationships.

  • Fall In Love


    How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You Within Minutes is a special labor of love from us. When most people saw this title for the first time, they thought I was talking out of my hat! I met people who were completely sure that you could not make anyone fall in love with you in a whole lifetime...

  • The Best Business Team


    There are several reasons why any business venture should have the advantage of working in teams. Some of these reasons may be more obvious than others but none are less important or beneficial. Exploring and understanding these ideas regarding the necessity of having a team work together towards...

  • Email Marketing Mojo


    Generally email marketing is more effective in many ways because of several underlying factors. These factors contribute to the positive attraction to use email marketing as a viable tool. This will show you how.

  • Power Attraction,


    There are a million energies in man. What might we not become when we learn to utilize them all? This is the declaration of the poet; and though poetry is commonly motivated by transcendental visions, and therefore more or less impressed with apparent hyperboles, nevertheless there's in this...

  • List Building Launcher


    As you can see there are many different options you can take when it comes to building your list. Whether it be through the help from other marketers or by using your free and paid for methods for list building you are sure to gain the list you are looking for to gain the income you and your...

  • Internalized Motivation


    Are you somebody who lacks exuberance? Somebody who forever believes “I‟ll do it in the future” and winding up never executing what you set out to do? Do you want self-assurance, motivation and drive to go after your dreams and pave your route to success? Don't fret; you're not unique!...

  • The Motivation Companion


    Getting motivated and staying motivated isn’t such an easy task. Even people who are successful in business and in personal relationships fall into slumps and find it hard to get motivated. If you’re in a slump right now, you know exactly what I mean. No matter how many successes you’ve had in...

  • Bank Loan Busters


    There are many physical and mental implications when one is in debt, especially if the said debt is of a considerable amount. Many people don’t realize the extent these implications can have both in the long term and short term. Therefore careful consideration should be given to the following to...

  • Out Of Debt


    Debt is a major issue for a lot of individuals these days. The issue is, even if they know they want to get out of it, they have a difficult time figuring out how to begin. Now, there isn’t one way to get out of debt, and the most beneficial program ought to be tailored to each person’s...

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