• Harakah Daily

    Harakah Daily




    Harakah updates from This was created using RSS feed from the source. RSS Feeds limit the content. In return, we only get the shorter versions of the news. We apologize for that. Just updated. Feed was not loaded due to new Harakah Daily RSS Feed URL. Thank you for bearing...

  • Lawak Ustaz Azhar

    Lawak Ustaz Azhar




    Ustaz Azhar Idrus' sayings. It's fun!

  • Kolony Messenger V2

    Kolony Messenger V2




    This is an app for Kolony users (UOX or SOX Celcom SIM card users). This app eases you to use Kolony service. This is only usable in Malaysia. This service is provided by Celcom. I only built this to ease users with the service provided.

  • Woot Media

    Woot Media




    Woot Media RSS feed retriever...

  • Feeder Feeder


    An app that retrieves feeds from a blog. To create an app like this, contact me so I can do it for you with a small amount of charge... =) Asfwan-dev presents a beautiful feed app!

  • Stack Note

    Stack Note




    A note that works like "STACK". (PUSH AND POP). A normal note that can be created, saved and deleted in your phone. Editing functionality will soon be added.

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