Ashihara Project

  • Shooting Game Beta




    Shooting Game Beta!! -The enemy who launches various bullets shows up. -The game is no story. -Player moves with the orientation sensor. -The bullet is launched by the touch operation. -The score is recorded a clear all stages it.

  • Brain Training




    It is brain training gameヽ(  ̄ω ̄)ノ [N Back(Culculate)] You answer by a calculation result before the N unit. The answer is only the last 1 digit. [N Back(Image)] You add a check to a state same as the N unit front. [Info] I want to add various versions in the future.

  • Flush Mental Arithmetic Traini




    Flush Mental Arithmetic Training !! This game is Brain Training ? Phantasm is impossible though having made it is good.

  • Eyesight Training 2




    Peripheral Vision Training Part 2!! The figure moves this application. Click min number!!

  • Eyesight Training




    Peripheral Vision Training!! Click min number!!

  • Ashihara Live Wallpapers


    Ashihara Live Wallpapers!! -Fractal Tree -The Character Wanders -Bricks Wall -F1 drivers assistance message for Japan -Rotating Cube The setting can be customized. -Fore color -Back color -Gradiation type -No of character -Character file -Shape type -Speed -Stroke width produced by Ashihara...

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