Ashley James Brown

  • GlitchCam




    Camera app that takes generative art glitched images and saves them to the device if you want. Android 5.0.1 and above only. Nexus 5 and 7 approved ;-) other devices may cause crash out due to auto checking the res size. working on an update to hopefully resolve this. //Instructions Tap screen...

  • Digiscapes


    Prototype soundscape piece for Credenhill Iron Age Hill Fort. This application is a BETA test. About:// This project was a collaborative r+d prototyping session working with BrightStripe (arts org) and Birmingham University (heritage) and Splash & Ripple (technology partner) as part of the...

  • Sparkler Particles




    A simple touch enabled Application for creating pretty Sparkler/Firework patterns without the noise. Great for little ones or those that like the sights without the sounds. Tap to create, or touch and drag to 'draw'.

  • AstroChicken1980




    AstroChicken1980. Take a trip into space with AstroChicken1980, jumping through the planets rocks, dodging obstacles to survive as long as possible. Your trusty neon boots give you super jump and your Astro rocket pack will give you an anti grav boost to flip out into outer space..... HOW TO...

  • Shot Putt




    Yeargh me hearties, welcome to Shot Putt, the fastest cannonball throwing pirate game on the seven seas!! Drawing on the slightly tenuous link between the modern sport of shot putt and the medieval practice of hurling cannonballs, Talking Birds' Shot Putt is a swashbuckling game of skill and...

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