• What's New in Reason 8

    What's New in Reason 8


    Reason 8 has arrived and our favorite Reason expert, Mo Volans, is here to show you what the Propellerheads have concocted in their latest release. Learn all about this new, powerful version of Reason right here, right now… and for FREE! We love when our partners come out with a new, improved...

  • The Director

    The Director


    Everybody wants to be a Director. Here's your "take one!" In this exclusive, introductory course, you learn about directing and the power of storytelling from Award-winning filmmaker and renowned educator, Michael Wohl! The director is the single most important role in the...

  • Codex: Deciphered

    Codex: Deciphered


    Codex is a granular, scanning, wavetable synth unleashed by the team at Waves. See how this synth inspires sonic madness in this exclusive course by trainer Matt Vanacoro. Then catch the bonus all-Codex song, at the end of the course, by the amazing Eyal Amir. Imagine creating your very own...

  • The Producer

    The Producer


    In this exclusive Film Craft course you learn the producer's leadership role from initial idea to final release. Master the craft of being a producer from award-winning filmmaker and renowned educator Michael Wohl! Producing a film is complex. The producer's role is critical for making...

  • Songwriting with Turin Brakes

    Songwriting with Turin Brakes


    Indie band, Turin Brakes, showed up at our SxSW studios in Austin to subject themselves to our patented, "song-in-a-day" stress test! See how this awesome band and "Team Dubway" capture the musical magic in this marathon songwriting and production course! You never know...

  • Rhythm & Listening Skills

    Rhythm & Listening Skills


    In previous courses you've learned how to listen for melody and harmony. Now it's time to zoom out and discover how to hear rhythm! This course –with its challenging listening exercises– teaches you how to hear music's powerful pulse. Educate your ears with Gregg Fine! Rhythm is the...

  • Course For Making a Band App

    Course For Making a Band App


    If you make music and art, Adobe's Digital Publishing Suite is the perfect solution to turn your original content into apps! Join trainer Iain Anderson in this 27-tutorial course and see how easy app-making can be! Apps are a great way to connect with your fans, audience and followers. In...

  • The Cinematographer

    The Cinematographer


    The Cinematographer is, essentially, the filmmaker… He shoots the film! In this Film Craft course, Michael Wohl gives you an inside look at the art and science of cinematography. Being a Cinematographer is a lot like being a great musician: You've got to practice lots of technical skills...

  • Dialog Editing For Film & TV

    Dialog Editing For Film & TV


    Learn the Pro Tools audio editor's workflow in this advanced, 4-hour (+ 1.5 GB!) course by post-production expert, Roy Vargas. Avid's Pro Tools is the premiere DAW for editing dialog for TV and Film. Editing dialog to picture is complex. There's a lot of interactivity, when audio and...

  • Audio Repair Toolbox 2 for RX4

    Audio Repair Toolbox 2 for RX4


    Learn all about RX 4's new audio restoration, forensic and enhancement technologies in this comprehensive 4+ hour course! iZotope's RX 4 is here and so is audio expert Matt Hepworth to show you how this re-imagined RX works! iZotope is the world's leader in audio processing...

  • Instrument Design for Kontakt

    Instrument Design for Kontakt


    This advanced, instrument design course by Scott Freiman gives you the knowledge to unleash the programming power in Native Instruments Kontakt. Learn how to create the Kontakt instrument you've always dreamed of! In Scott's previous course you saw how to build basic, sample instruments....

  • Music Theory 106

    Music Theory 106




    Chord progressions give your song some emotion and direction. They are the canvas on which to build great melodies and rhythms! Learn all about creating them in this 30-tutorial course from our Music Theory expert, Gregg Fine... Chord progressions in music are a lot like the canvas an artists...

  • The Abbey Road Plugins Course

    The Abbey Road Plugins Course


    The Beatles productions have an amazing sonic quality. A lot of it is attributed to the custom gear they used at Abbey Road Studios. Learn about that gear and how to use Waves' authentic Abbey Road plugins in this Beatles-worthy course by Joe Albano. When Waves collaborates with the folks at...

  • Marc Smith's Live Sets

    Marc Smith's Live Sets


    Marc Smith shows you how to dissect and ready tracks for improv performances. How do you prep your original tracks for a live set? Marc Smith, one half of Safeword and Coalition of the Killing, shows you how to dissect and ready them for improvisational stem-based performance in Ableton Live....

  • How to Make Google Sites

    How to Make Google Sites


    Learn how to set-up any kind of site you can imagine with Google Sites in this 30-tutorial course by trainer Matt Vanacoro. Google Sites gives you the ability to create custom web sites –from a simple family site to a complex shared, company-wide intranet. Are you a teacher looking to create...

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