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  • Instrument Design for Kontakt

    Instrument Design for Kontakt


    This advanced, instrument design course by Scott Freiman gives you the knowledge to unleash the programming power in Native Instruments Kontakt. Learn how to create the Kontakt instrument you've always dreamed of! In Scott's previous course you saw how to build basic, sample instruments....

  • Music Theory 106

    Music Theory 106




    Chord progressions give your song some emotion and direction. They are the canvas on which to build great melodies and rhythms! Learn all about creating them in this 30-tutorial course from our Music Theory expert, Gregg Fine... Chord progressions in music are a lot like the canvas an artists...

  • The Abbey Road Plugins Course

    The Abbey Road Plugins Course


    The Beatles productions have an amazing sonic quality. A lot of it is attributed to the custom gear they used at Abbey Road Studios. Learn about that gear and how to use Waves' authentic Abbey Road plugins in this Beatles-worthy course by Joe Albano. When Waves collaborates with the folks at...

  • Marc Smith's Live Sets

    Marc Smith's Live Sets


    Marc Smith shows you how to dissect and ready tracks for improv performances. How do you prep your original tracks for a live set? Marc Smith, one half of Safeword and Coalition of the Killing, shows you how to dissect and ready them for improvisational stem-based performance in Ableton Live....

  • How to Make Google Sites

    How to Make Google Sites


    Learn how to set-up any kind of site you can imagine with Google Sites in this 30-tutorial course by trainer Matt Vanacoro. Google Sites gives you the ability to create custom web sites –from a simple family site to a complex shared, company-wide intranet. Are you a teacher looking to create...

  • Creating Animation Characters

    Creating Animation Characters


    In this course artist & animator Siobhan Twomey shows how to design characters specifically for animation. Follow along and learn the techniques and tools you need to know to get your designs ready to be animated! In Siobhan's Character Design 101 course you learned about developing,...

  • Deepchild's Dirty Circuits

    Deepchild's Dirty Circuits




    Recording artist Deepchild reveals how he creates his dirty analog sounds in Ableton Live. Watch this course to learn about the unique sound design techniques used in his mutant techno tracks. Our E.A.R series travels to Berlin with this in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at Berlin-based producer...

  • Harmony and Chord Progressions

    Harmony and Chord Progressions




    In the Ear Training 101 course you learned how to identify melodic notes and intervals. In this exercise-filled, 49-video course, Gregg Fine teaches you how to hear chords and harmonies. Educate your ears! Imagine listening to a piece of music and immediately knowing what chords and harmonies...

  • Miro Pajic's The Art of Techno

    Miro Pajic's The Art of Techno




    Items & Things and Lazerslut boss Miro Pajic delivers the goods on creating effective techno in Ableton Live. Watch this 16-tutorial course and see how he deploys old-school hardware techniques and then re-contextualizes them within the ultra-flexible digital environment. A steady buzz has...

  • Harmor: Synthesis on Steroids

    Harmor: Synthesis on Steroids




    In this 45 tutorial course, GW Childs explains how this Image-Line synthesizer will change the way you think about making music! Harmor is an additive synthesis monster! Harmor, the steroid-enhanced synthesizer from Image-Line and FL Studio, is one of the most pumped-up synths ever invented!...

  • Introduction to Premiere Pro

    Introduction to Premiere Pro


    This 25-tutorial introductory course by Matt Hepworth will get you up-to-speed and editing your first project fast! Premiere Pro CC is Adobe's high-end video editing software. In this Premiere Pro 101 course Matt Hepworth shows you all the basics and more of Adobe's nonlinear editing...

  • Google Apps Collaboration

    Google Apps Collaboration


    Watch this in depth 30-tutorial course as master trainer Matt Vanacoro reveals the power that drives this generation of Google Apps! Google Apps are free and come with your Gmail account. If you've never used Gmail or signed up for a Google account, don't worry! Matt starts right from...

  • Building Kontakt Instruments

    Building Kontakt Instruments


    Did you ever wonder how Kontakt instruments are created? If so, you've discovered the right course! Learn everything you need to know about creating your first sample instrument in this advanced Kontakt course by Scott Freiman. Building your first Kontakt instrument begins with learning all...

  • Acoustics Concepts

    Acoustics Concepts




    In this course, trainer Joe Albano explains how sound interacts and is modified by the listening environment. Learn the powerful influence of acoustics on our perception and the propagation of sound. How we hear sound is greatly influenced by where we are physically in relationship to where the...

  • Creating Characters

    Creating Characters


    Where do character ideas come from and how do you transform your ideas into fully-realized characters? Watch this 18-tutorial courses by artist and animator, Siobhan Twomey, and see a character come to life right before your eyes! Designing characters for animation can be a tricky business with...

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