• Blood Alcohol Calculator+TIMER




    Blood Alcohol Calculator (BAC) - "AlcoTimer" a small application, which in a simple and funny way, will estimate blood alcohol content (BAC) in permilles on the basis of the quantity of alcohol consumed, weight and time elapsed after drinking. The application will show you the estimated...

  • Fast and Easy Note




    EasyNote easy to use and elegant application. If you want a simple to use application it is the best choice. You can use different colors background to make a better diference between notes or you can mark your notes by priorities to delineate urgent tasks that are you going to do in a short...

  • Cigarette Counter Assistant +




    This Application is designed to count your daily smoked cigarettes. After using it, you will see that the number of cigarettes is reduced. All you must do is to use this application every day. Do not try to trick yourself. Use it for every smoked cigarette. Don't avoid using "Go to...

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