• Qibla Direction




    It's our pleasure to present Qibla Direction Application in order to indicate the direction to face the Qibla, and points towards the city of Mecca and specifically to the Ka'abah. While the electron compass will help you to determine the right direction at any time, in any place....

  • Universal Units Converter




    Simple, Powerful and Best Unit Converter App designed for Android! Just tap and convert any units with it's clean interface and user-friendly navigation. Download the fastest & easiest to use converter app today! Conversions from one unit to another unit no longer have to be confusing,...

  • Super Flashlight




    Super- LED Flashlight instantly turns your device into a bright flashlight. The ultimate lighting tool takes full advantage of the LED light and it's FREE! Features: - Super Bright Flashlight - Guaranteed! - Convenient - Switch On/Off the light just like using a real flashlight - Stunning...

  • Funny Jokes




    Browse through one of the biggest and best collections of funny jokes available! Whether you like love, male, female, Knock Knock or others, there's something ROFL-worthy for everyone! Download the app for FREE. Features: • Share your joke. • Copy joke. • Share joke with your friends. •...

  • التشريعات والقوانين السعودية




    تطبيق التشريعات و القوانين السعودية هو تطبيق تجد فيه جميع الانظمة الخاصة في المملكة العربية السعودية.

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