• Movie Aid




    MovieAid is a mobile device based video editor that allows you to create a movie project from stored videos and photos in your phone/tablet. Allowing the user to manipulate various video transition effects and added subtitles, MovieAid paves a way to turn your stored videos and photos into a...

  • ASTIBoard


    ASTIboard is an interactive whiteboard designed for invited members to do group study and discussion on mobile devices. It can be used for variety of settings, including homework discussion of classmates and teachers, project review of working groups, event planning of organizer, and others....

  • CalendarLive




    Create your own calendar and make it live! CalendarLive is a simple and user friendly calendar generator designed for mobile device users. Under CalendarLive, you can create and customize your own calendar for any year and month, personalize your calendar up to your own needs and preferences...

  • ABC to Words




    ABC to Words is an application designed for kids to learn English alphabets and basic words in a very simple and intuitive way. Kids learn the basic alphabets and various categories of common words through pictures and game-like atmosphere. In each category, the text description of the picture...

  • Mediagram




    Mediagram is a greeting card and greeting video app that allows you to create more personalized and touching multimedia greetings. It has various versions in English, Chinese and Japanese. In today’s e-world, greeting cards should not be limited to a fixed image and greeting title. Mediagram...

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