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  • Astrotek Thai Dictionary(Free)




    Astrotek Dictionary provides more than 40,000 English- Thai word definitions, and more than 26,000 Thai-English word definitions. The English dictation function allows you to learn the correct way to speak the word, in addition to learning the correct English pronunciation. History and Bookmark...

  • theVue


    Keep your challenges. The theVUE App makes it easy to control your camera remotely with your Android™ phone or tablet. Get full remote control of all camera functions and conveniently control settings. See what you make fantastic experience, and keep your challenges using theVUE. Function ·...

  • A+ Baby Monitor




    Are you babysitting? Looking for a baby monitor? A+ Baby Monitor turns any phones and tablets into your best baby monitor instantly, saving you from buying a $100 single-function device. ♥♥♥Your Smart Phone is now a Smart Nanny ♥♥♥ You simply set one device as parent unit and the other one as...

  • I Action Cam


    I Action Cam is a smart WiFi control software developed by Soocoo Technology, you can wirelessly remote control your WiFi series products by this application after installing to smart terminals(Smart phone or tablet), including live previewing, taking pictures, shooting video, replaying ,...

  • iSmart DV




    With iCatch SmartDV , you could now control your SPCA6330 based video recorder by using your smart devices. Like remote viewfinder/preview, view photo album.

  • ZEAL HD2




    Zeal Optics has revolutionized the way you capture images and video on the mountain. From the perfect powder day to your child’s first day on the slopes, the Zeal HD2 app allows you to quickly capture and share these moments with all of your family and friends.    ZEAL HD2 APP enables a...

  • Life Cam




    With Life Cam, you should now control your video recorder by using your smart device. Like remote viewfinder/preview, view photo album.

  • Genius LIFE Shot




    Users can use Genius LIFE Shot Cam to control the camera to take pictures, video, time-lapse photography to make life more convenient and interesting.

  • iSPO CAM




    With SPO CAM, you could now control your siri-A9 based video recorder by using your SPO devices. Like remote view finder/preview,view photo album Keywords: iSPO, middvr

  • Polaroid Photo Browser




    Polaroid Photo Browser is a free application. You can simply use Polaroid digital Wi-Fi series camera via Wi-Fi function to transfer the photos from camera memory to Android devices and sharing. Keyword: Polariod , Photo Browser

  • CANSONIC Ultradv




    CANSONIC Ultradv is the world's smallest high-definition professional action camera with the most advanced wide dynamic range (WDR) sensor and EIS electronic anti-shock systems. Cansonic Ultradv is not just a driving recorder. It is named Ultradv because it is multi-function, powerful and...

  • e.zixtreme by E.ZICOM®




    e.zixtreme by E.ZICOM® App delivers all the great features your expect to get the best experience powered by your sports camera. Functions included such as timer or continuous shooting. You can also preview, upload ans save all your camera medias into your smartphone. Then you could easily share...

  • Lexibook Move Cam




    Lexibook Move Cam is an application designed to enhance the functionalities of the camera DJA100 - Lexibook Move Cam. With this application, users of the DJA100 can remotely control their camera via their smartphone or tablet that is Wi-Fi connected. When attached to your bike or your helmet,...





    With SYMAGIX, you could now control your action recorder by using your smart devices. Like remote viewfinder/preview, view photo album. Keywords: SYMAGIX, action camera, sport camera, SY

  • 嬰兒 & 母親




    「嬰兒 & 母親」App讓爸比和媽咪一手掌握專業孕產知識、育兒法寶隨身帶著走! 收錄關於懷孕(妊娠)期間可能會發生的情況、孕婦應注意事項,還有寶寶的身體變化、照顧寶寶的小撇步等育嬰多項資訊。 - 精選32篇懷孕前有關身體調理、孕前迷思以及孕前檢查須知事項,讓妳更順利地升格為準媽咪,好孕來報到! - 精選"嬰兒與母親"完整40週的孕期資訊還有知識,針對前期中期後期可能會有的疑問,為新手爸媽提供最直接的解答。 - 精選一整年新生兒養育的全方位資訊,可以在使用嬰兒ESP軟體的同時,協助爸爸媽媽養育一個健康的新生兒,是新手爸媽不可或缺的一個育兒手札。 -...

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