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    快來體驗!由華碩電腦為您精心打造的專屬服務軟體 想買華碩產品,找不到離你最近的銷售據點嗎? 買了產品,想到還得填一大堆註冊資料就覺得麻煩? 產品使用遇到問題,跟客服溝通老是有代溝說不清楚? 立即下載「MyASUS」 在這裡,你可以隨時隨地接收新品消息、優惠通知,還能快速查找離你最近的銷售據點 更棒的是!全新推出的客服功能,不僅讓您透過拍照即可快速註冊產品,不論是電腦健檢、產品維修保固或產品使用詢問…等,華碩大小事、有它就搞定! 新推出!MyASUS的全新功能: ✔ 更快速的產品註冊!快速掃描產品條碼,即可輕鬆註冊華碩相關產品 ✔...

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    Try it for yourself! Exclusive support software created with the utmost care by ASUS just for you Want to buy ASUS products, but can’t find your nearest retail outlet? You’ve bought an ASUS product, and want to streamline the registration process? Problems using your ASUS product, and need a...






    NFC Express Desktops provides convenient PC access and media file backup through NFC technology. Get your desktop, smartphone and tablet in sync now. Requirements: 1.ASUS Desktop with built-in NFC sensor. NFC Functions supported: 1.Windows 8 logon: Use NFC-supported devices to log on to...

  • Wi-Fi GO! & NFC Remote

    Wi-Fi GO! & NFC Remote




    Wi-Fi GO! & NFC Remote provides a total package of free apps for brand new multimedia enjoyment and home cloud computing experiences. Get the perfect fusion of desktop, smartphone, and pad now! Requirements: 1.Exclusively supported on ASUS Z87 series motherboards. NOTE: For other...

  • RC Bluetooth

    RC Bluetooth




    Still overclocking your computer in the old-fashioned way? Let RC Bluetooth bring you to a whole new tweaking experience on your Android Phone! With the built-in Bluetooth module in our some selected ASUS Republic of Gamers motherboards, you will be able to use your Android Phone to wirelessly...

  • Wi-Fi GO! Remote

    Wi-Fi GO! Remote




    Wi-Fi GO! Remote is an exclusive ASUS software for Android mobile devices, which applies to the functions of Wi-Fi GO! on selected ASUS motherboards. Wi-Fi GO! Remote provides you the first-ever PC remote control experience, and a home cloud computing environment. With the installation of...

  • BT Turbo Remote

    BT Turbo Remote




    Can you imagine that sitting in the living room, using your Android Phone to remotely control your PC located in the bedroom? With the installation of BT Turbo Remote, your Android Phone will be transformed into a remote controller for selected ASUS motherboards. Besides, the user-friendly...

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