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  • Touching & Jumping!Fun fishing




    Many fish are jumping so hard! Let's catch them with Tamo net The fish that has been caught will be swimming in their own sea How to play: Let's tap and catch jumping fish Fish will jump when you tap the sea surface When the caught fish tap cooler box and they can swim in their own...

  • Hit the ball and play sound!


    When the ball hits the instrument, sound will be generated The move is very simple. All you have to do is dragging the instrument! The rhythm will be changed when the speed of the ball coming out changes Changing the bounce angle by relocating the instrument Let's play with favorite...

  • Touch and walk! Animal Parade




    Toddler-friendly free app. Tap the screen or draw a line to watch cute animals just start marching out. Draw many paths for the animals to walk on! There is a parade of animals! It is easy to play! Simply draw a line or just prod (drag and tap). Draw a line on the screen to create a road, then...

  • Broom-Broom




    Lots of broom-broom. Draw roads and run lots of broom-broom cars. It's like an amusement park. Running lots of colorful broom-broom cars everywhere. It's very easy to broom-broom! Tap or drag to draw roads. After you made roads, broom-broom cars start running. A little broom-broom at...

  • Happy trains! for Young kids




    Let's play with the trains! (for Young kids) Let's play with the trains! is an intellectual education app for young kids (Qualifying age : 6 years old and under). Only your kids have to do is just tap and drag your screen, then the lines which drawn by them will begin to change train...

  • 5.0

    Touch Born Paint Free Infant




    Touch Born Paint Free Infant is a simple drawing app that stimulates babies brain

  • Infinite trampoline 3D




    An alient falling to earth has thought "Aaah, I want to go home" Spacecraft is broken and can no longer be used Does it mean he can't go back home anymore? The alient somehow found the trampoline and started to jump on it "Perhaps…" Even though failing many times, the...

  • Tummy full! Pakkun in frog




    tummy is hungry today is hungry frogs! And I want to fill tummy to eat the insects a lot a lot. I'll eat a lot of hungry frogs! /*/* Let's Play /*/* Hungry Frog is stretch the tongue when you tap the insects are flying. I'll eat a lot of insects!

  • PostEver 2




    PostEver 2 is the best tool for quickly posting the text , image, and voice memo to Evernote. [New functions] •UI Reformation •Voice memo addition With particular review of the location of configuration button and send button, it’s easier to press send button regardless vertical lenght of...

  • Baby heroes!Monsters knock out




    There are monsters in the peaceful town! Baby heroes dispatch! Lets defeat those horrifying monsters! Baby heroes begin to move when swiping the screen Let's follow the monsters, kick and defeat them Tab on the monsters, the baby heros will start shooting beams And knock out the monsters...

  • Colorful Balloons for kids




    Colorful Balloons for kids When you touch the screen, colorful balloons are born and they start floating. Balloons grow up everytime you touch, and they pop or move around. How to play: Colorful balloons born when you touch the screen. Balloons grow up everytime you touch, and they pop or...

  • Twinkle Twinkle Christmas Tree




    Happy Holidays! Decorate a Christmas tree with ornaments and twinkle lights. It's very easy to enjoy! Just tap to decorate twinkle lights. Drag to twinkle illuminations. Decorate as you wish and have a Happy Holiday! *You can decorate up to 10 ornaments. *You can decorate up to 50 lights....

  • Touch and Smile! Various Shape




    Touch and Smile! Various Shapes for Kids Tap and born many shapes! After a while... every kids will be smile! :-D It's very easy to play! Tap and born many shapes. Tap them when they become strange smiling faces! They start laughing in various voices. Strange faces can be born up to 4 on...

  • Wilful play with your baby




    Collect gimmicks your babies love With this there is no panic, no complaints, child raising will be just leisure It's very interesting with items that make sound, move, glittering and reflected ・Car engine ・Various sound ・Explosion button ・Winker ・Fan ・DVD tray ・Noise ・Toilet ・Tissue ・TV...

  • Sweets and hungry animals




    Oh! cute animals are getting hungry. Give them sweets by tapping the treasure box. A help plush doll come out sometimes and they tap the treasure box. How to play -Tap the treasure box to get a lot of sweets. -Give sweets to hungry animals by tapping the sweets jumped out from treasure box. -The...

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