• Aenigmatica





    AEnigmatica de La Settimana Enigmistica La Settimana Enigmistica has a whole new guise! The app, with its new vibrant colors and design, offers a wide selection of games for you to choose from including: crossword schemes, rebus, puzzles, quiz and much more. Challenge yourself every day with...

  • Numbers LaSettimanaEnigmistica

    Numbers LaSettimanaEnigmistica




    3-2-1... Go! Prove yourself with Numbers, a game of skill and speed from La Settimana Enigmistica. You have to find sequences of numbers or groups of identical numbers on a 4x4 grid, using digits from 1 to 9. In only two minutes of time. When you form a sequence, new numbers take the place of...

  • Swarmbit





    Swarmbit helps you discover what's happening around you! Find new users in the vicinity and socialize with them! Upload, download and comment on photos, videos, documents, presentations and other types of files with anyone in the vicinity, even if you do not know them ... yet! How it works:...

  • SIC58





    The official Sic app to remember him by supporting the Foundation Marco Simoncelli in collaboration with San Carlo. For Misano Moto GP on 16th September, at the circuit dedicated to Sic, you can send your photo to be part of the team will never forget Marco. All submitted photos will be...

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