AT&T Services, Inc.

  • AT&T Visual Voicemail

    AT&T Visual Voicemail




    AT&T Visual Voicemail allows you to review and manage your AT&T voicemail messages directly from your compatible Android smartphone without dialing into voicemail. You will be able to see a list of your messages on your phone, and select, in any order you choose, which ones you wish to...

  • AT&T Smart Wi-Fi

    AT&T Smart Wi-Fi




    AT&T Smart Wi-Fi connection manager is a free app that finds and auto-connects to available hotspots, maximizes battery life by only turning Wi-Fi on & off when needed, logs missed hotspot opportunities for your review and action for subsequent use, and displays your real-time cellular...

  • Xora StreetSmart from AT&T

    Xora StreetSmart from AT&T




    Xora highly recommends that you sync your device before updating your app. This free mobile app lets Xora users who signed up for the Xora StreetSmart (formally GPS TimeTrack) solution, turn their AT&T Android phones into powerful data collection and productivity tools. The mobile app...

  • AT&T International Travel App

    AT&T International Travel App




    AT&T’s International Travel App is a free app, available for download to AT&T subscribers with Android smartphones 2.3+ and Android 4.0+ tablet devices. It provides an easy and convenient way to manage your data and messaging usage while traveling internationally.  The app will track...

  • AT&T TS&R Mobile

    AT&T TS&R Mobile




    AT&T Troubleshoot & Resolve (TS&R) Mobile lets U-verse and DSL members troubleshoot common service issues from their mobile device. Receive notifications of service outages, automatically restart hardware, get interactive repair help, and chat live with a U-verse specialist.

  • AT&T Messages

    AT&T Messages




    AT&T Messages brings your texts, calls and voicemail messages together into a single inbox that’s easily accessible from your computer, tablet and phone. Voicemail messages appear as visual voicemail so you can select which one you want to listen to. Now, when you are using your computer and...

  • AT&T Global Network Client

    AT&T Global Network Client




    The AT&T Global Network Client (AGNC) enables highly secured mobile access to corporate networks through AT&T Mobile Remote Access VPN Services (ANIRA and AVTS) and access to AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots all over the world from your Android device. PLEASE NOTE: You must have AT&T Mobile...

  • AT&T FamilyMap™

    AT&T FamilyMap™




    When you need to know where your kids are, use AT&T FamilyMap®. With AT&T FamilyMap®, you can conveniently locate family members, even those with other types of AT&T phones. Try it now and receive the first 30 days free! After 30 days, you can locate up to two family members for...

  • AT&T Ringback Tones

    AT&T Ringback Tones




    Managing your Ringback Tones just got easier with Android! Now you can browse, preview, manage and purchase AT&T Ringback Tones right from your phone. No need to sync to a computer. AT&T Ringback keeps your callers entertained by playing a sound of your choice while they wait for you to...

  • AT&T Digital Life

    AT&T Digital Life




    Stay connected and in control. This app lets AT&T Digital Life customers view and control their Digital Life system while on the go. An active Digital Life account is required.

  • AT&T Code Scanner: QR,UPC & DM

    AT&T Code Scanner: QR,UPC & DM




    AT&T Code Scanner reads UPC, QR and Data Matrix barcodes that you find on products, in ads or on-line, allowing you to compare product prices, read product reviews, view mobile web sites and video clips, get coupons and discounts or learn more about your favorite products. Features • Scan...

  • AT&T Locker™

    AT&T Locker™




    With AT&T Locker, your photos, documents and videos can be uploaded automatically to the cloud and are secured in one convenient place. Your content is easy to access on your phone, tablet and computer from virtually anywhere. With the Easy Upload feature, photos and videos can be backed up...

  • AT&T DriveMode

    AT&T DriveMode




    AT&T DriveMode is a free* app that helps drivers avoid distractions from incoming calls and text message alerts.  When this app is on, incoming alerts are silenced, text messages can’t be sent and incoming calls go directly to voicemail. *  Data and text messaging charges may apply for...

  • AT&T Wi-Fi International

    AT&T Wi-Fi International




    The AT&T Wi-Fi International app is designed for AT&T customers with an International data package that includes a Wi-Fi allowance (Data Global Add-On with Wi-Fi). The App enables AT&T customers to access AT&T International Wi-Fi partner hotspots from their Android device. The...

  • AT&T UC Central

    AT&T UC Central




    IMPORTANT: This application requires connectivity to AT&T Unified Communications Services and will not work without it. If you are unsure if your company provides access to this service, please contact your IT department. You will not be able to use this application without an account with...

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