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  • AT&T Voicemail Viewer

    AT&T Voicemail Viewer




    You must have an AT&T U-verse (R) Voice or an AT&T Unified Messaging (SM) account in order to use this app. Voicemail-to-text is included with AT&T Voicemail Viewer for residential accounts. Residential customers can order AT&T U-verse Voice or AT&T Unified Messaging by...

  • AT&T Code Scanner: QR,UPC & DM

    AT&T Code Scanner: QR,UPC & DM




    AT&T Code Scanner reads UPC, QR and Data Matrix barcodes that you find on products, in ads or on-line, allowing you to compare product prices, read product reviews, view mobile web sites and video clips, get coupons and discounts or learn more about your favorite products. Features • Scan...

  • AT&T Wi-Fi International

    AT&T Wi-Fi International




    The AT&T Wi-Fi International app is designed for AT&T customers with an International data package that includes a Wi-Fi allowance (Data Global Add-On with Wi-Fi). The App enables AT&T customers to access AT&T International Wi-Fi partner hotspots from their Android device. The...

  • AT&T UC Central

    AT&T UC Central




    IMPORTANT: This application requires connectivity to AT&T Unified Communications Services and will not work without it. If you are unsure if your company provides access to this service, please contact your IT department. You will not be able to use this application without an account with...

  • AT&T Connect

    AT&T Connect




    ON THE MOVE? TAKE YOUR MEETINGS WITH YOU… AT&T CONNECT® MOBILE FOR ANDROID Join an AT&T Connect web or audio conference using your Android Device! With AT&T Connect on the Android device you can attend audio, web meetings from virtually anywhere in the world. AT&T Connect makes...

  • AT&T Tech 360 Backup and Go

    AT&T Tech 360 Backup and Go




    AT&T Tech Support 360 Backup and Go is an online data backup service for PCs & MACs. This mobile “companion” application enables Backup and Go users to easily access their backed up files from an Android device. It features a easy-to-use interface for mobile viewing, sharing and...

  • Retired - ATTV

    Retired - ATTV




    This is a BETA AT&T application for invited BETA participants only.

  • U-verse Easy Remote

    U-verse Easy Remote




    The U-verse Easy Remote free Android app is just that; easy to use, easy to see and even easy to hear with TalkBack enabled. This app is specifically designed to work with the U-verse receiver and allow full control of the channel navigation with a gesture pad or voice recognition as well single...

  • U-verse Jukebox

    U-verse Jukebox




    U-verse Jukebox is a free mobile application that lets you play songs from your mobile device on your U-verse TV. The “party” feature allows you to invite up to six friends to join your party and contribute songs to a dynamic playlist. All you and your guests need is an Android phone (running...

  • AT&T FamilyMap™ (Tablet)

    AT&T FamilyMap™ (Tablet)




    When you need to know where your kids are, use AT&T FamilyMap®. With AT&T FamilyMap®, you can conveniently locate family members, even those with most other types of AT&T phones. Try it now and receive the first 30 days free! After 30 days, you can locate up to two family members for...

  • View Fix

    View Fix




    AT&T View Fix enables you to exchange pictures, videos, and links with AT&T technical support agents to enhance your troubleshooting experience. When you’re working with an AT&T technical support agent, simply use this application to share pictures of the issue you’re experiencing...

  • myAT&T Business

    myAT&T Business




    myAT&T Business allows End Users on Corporate accounts to manage their AT&T Wireless Accounts from their iPhone and iPad devices. With this application, you'll be able to easily and securely manage specific account functions including: -Bill Payment from a new or existing payment...

  • Softcard (was Isis Wallet)

    Softcard (was Isis Wallet)




    IMPORTANT NOTES To use Softcard™, you need two things: ▶ A compatible smartphone that uses NFC (near field communication) technology to send payment info at checkout. The app is not supported on rooted devices. ▶ An enhanced SIM card that stores and protects your payment and other sensitive...

  • Retired - JustUs

    Retired - JustUs




    JustUs will be retired on 6/15/12. This update will be the last one made to this app. The JustUs widget and live wallpaper let you quickly see messages and social updates from your 5 top friends on your phone’s home screen so you can get to the messages that matter most without having to sift...

  • AT&T Mobile Workplace

    AT&T Mobile Workplace




    Let your mobile devices do more for your business. AT&T Mobile Workplace is an online file management and mobile collaboration solution designed to empower business teams and boost productivity through access to business content across multiple devices. - Mobile access to files - File...

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