Aubort Jean-Baptiste

  • My Hackerspace

    My Hackerspace




    Open/Close statuses of the hackerspaces included in the SpaceAPI, show information included in the API and provides a Widget to show the status and open the space information faster. /!\ Please Report bugs on github /!\ Please Rate and Comment /!\ Looking for translators (spanish, italian, ...)...

  • Cowsay for Android

    Cowsay for Android




    Cowsay will turn text into happy ASCII cows, with speech (or thought) balloons. If you don't like cows, ASCII art is available to replace it with some other creatures (Tux, the BSD daemon, dragons, and a plethora of animals, from a turkey to an elephant in a snake). Port of the original...

  • RMLL 2012

    RMLL 2012




    Schedule for the 2012 Libre Software Meeting (LSM) in Geneva (Switzerland). Sources:

  • Network Discovery

    Network Discovery




    Computer/device discovery and port scanner for local area network. If you still crash, please update to 0.3.5! Now compatible with Android 3.0+/4.0+ ! NIC db fixed, reinstall the app if MAC are unknown! /!\ Thx to rate /!\ Please report bugs TAGS: sysadmin security tool scan open firewall service

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