Audrey D'Assylvas

  • Women Dress




    Always be interested in trend? I create a variety of App on fashion, here is one of the most fashionable dresses online! Like this? Go! :)

  • Hip Hop Dance




    Hip Hop Dance is an application for those who love the dance. It is designed to be connected to all the best hip hop videos online, to hear all the best hip hop music! In addition there are tricks to become a better dancer! Discover the IDEAL application!

  • Fashion Women Jacket




    Be fashionable without a jacket, it is not to be fashionable ... Stay connected to the latest models and jacket saved with discounts I'll find it for you!

  • Fashion Handbag




    Ladies handbags are very important in our lives, we can always have empty pockets as well as our hands! It is always nice to have an eye on the latest trends in handbags. That's why I created this application. You can find the latest trends whether it be traditional, chic or day, as well as...

  • Gold Silver Wealth




    Fascinated With Gold & Silver? Curious About Their Relationship To Money And How You Can Benefit? Get The Scoops And Stay On Top.

  • Fashion Jewelry


    The jewels are an extra touch to your dress style! This application is set up to help you find the finest jewelry at low prices! In addition, I search for you the best discount! If you are interested in this app is for you!

  • High Heel




    Stay tuned for all the latest trend on the high heels ... Downloader this fantastic application!

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