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  • Augmented Wear




    Simple use cases - 1) your android wear watch will vibrate 4 times (medium pulse) whenever it gets disconnected from your Android device - an alert is also shown. 2) Battery Drain info from your Wear is shown (open Augmented Wear on your Android to trigger alert on your watch with info). 2)...

  • Augmented SmartWatch Pro




    Ultimate add-on to Android Wear, Pebble, Toq, MetaWatch, MotoACTV, Sony (MN2+SW2) & Galaxy Note Edge Top 50 Grossing Productivity App (US) Trial FAQ Top 10 reasons Augmented for Android Wear Android Wear info...

  • Augmented Edge (Note)




    *** Note if you use the Smart Cover with magnets, this app only works with the smart cover in the open position (not in the closed position). It also works well without any smart cover or Smart Covers with no magnet. Supports showing music track information on the Note Edge Display. All other...

  • Augmented SmartWatch Notify




    Download the newer Trial Pro Version for Sony SW2 & Pebble Smart Watch @ Augmented SmartWatch Notify is a LiveWare extension for the Sony SmartWatch. It automatically shows real-time notification details on the watch without requiring any manual intervention. *** Note...

  • Augmented Traffic Views




    As seen on Fox and CBS TV Named Top 10 T3 Travel App "coolest AR app we've seen yet" "one of the most popular" USA Today 100% hands-free operation as you drive. *** New Support for the Sony SmartWatch *** Support for Meta-Watch Digital Watch & now...

  • Augmented Traffic Smart Watch




    Check out the awesome Top 50 Producitiity App - Augmented SmartWatch Pro app also for the Sony SmartWatch. Trial version @ AugmentedTrafficSmartWatch is a LiveWare extension for SmartWatch. It will automatically show real-time traffic camera images based on your current...

  • DineSafe/YorkSafe Toronto




    *** Note please only download this app if you will use it in Toronto/York Region *** Use this app to confirm if the restaurant (in the Toronto and York Region) that you are about to eat in is safe! This is the only app in the world that supports location-aware DineSafe AND YorkSafe data in the...

  • Augmented Traffic Views 1.1.0




    As seen on Fox-TV. The ultimate companion app for hands-free driving. Please download the newer Augmented Views - Traffic App. This is the older 1.* version. The newer version (2.*) has a much improved user interface and functionality. Click on "View more Applications" and install...

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