Augmented Views

  • Augmented SmartWatch Pro

    Augmented SmartWatch Pro




    Ultimate addition to Android Wear, Pebble, Toq, MotoACTV+Sony (MN2+SW2) Top 50 Grossing Productivity App (US) Trial FAQ Please send email rather than leave low rating. I will resolve or fully refund your purchase price. If you have issues with Sony...

  • Augmented SmartWatch Notify

    Augmented SmartWatch Notify




    Download the newer Trial Pro Version for Sony SW2 & Pebble Smart Watch @ Augmented SmartWatch Notify is a LiveWare extension for the Sony SmartWatch. It automatically shows real-time notification details on the watch without requiring any manual intervention. *** Note...

  • Augmented Traffic Smart Watch

    Augmented Traffic Smart Watch




    Check out the awesome Top 50 Producitiity App - Augmented SmartWatch Pro app also for the Sony SmartWatch. Trial version @ AugmentedTrafficSmartWatch is a LiveWare extension for SmartWatch. It will automatically show real-time traffic camera images based on your current...

  • Augmented Traffic Views 1.1.0

    Augmented Traffic Views 1.1.0




    As seen on Fox-TV. The ultimate companion app for hands-free driving. Please download the newer Augmented Views - Traffic App. This is the older 1.* version. The newer version (2.*) has a much improved user interface and functionality. Click on "View more Applications" and install...

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