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    Bible Daily Verses & Devotions




    Get a Bible verse straight to your phone every day.

  • Teen Bible Verses offline FREE




    Inspirational -- Positive -- Uplifting Bible verses for teens, parents, and the Christian family. No internet connection required! Read the daily Bible verse any time you like. Read today's Bible verse, or a random verse, any time you like. Share your Bible verses for teens with your...

  • Mayan Solitaire card game FREE




    If the Mayans had Androids, this is the card game they would have played! Can you build the pyramid before you draw a card you can't play? Mayan Solitaire is a fast and easy-to-learn solitaire puzzle game. Try your hand at this fun yet challenging card game! Easy to learn, hard to...

  • SAT Word A Day AUDIO




    Working to boost your SAT test score? Do the difficult words make the sentence completions too hard? You need to know vocabulary for the sentence completion questions, which are 30% of the critical reading sections. Maximize your study time by mastering a new word every day. This app promotes...

  • Youth Bible Verses & widget




    DAILY BIBLE VERSES FOR TEENS, KIDS & CHILDREN Positive, uplifting and motivational verses from the Bible sent each day to your phone or tablet. Each day brings a new inspirational and uplifting verse from the Bible. SET YOUR PICTURE AND COLORS Pick your favorite photo to appear as the...

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