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Autism Research Institute

  • ATEC





    The Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist (ATEC) was designed to assist parents, physicians and researchers to evaluate virtually any treatment for autism. The Autism Research Institute (ARI) has developed this convenient no-cost Internet scoring procedure that will calculate four subscale scores...

  • Gregory Page

    Gregory Page




    This free app provides information about Gregory Page including (1) information about his albums, including his most recent one, ‘Once and For All,’ produced by Jason Mraz; (2) YouTube videos of Gregory Page and Jason Mraz, (3) photographs, (4) lyrics to many of his songs, and more.

  • Global Autism Alliance

    Global Autism Alliance




    This free app provides information (text and videos) about Global Autism Alliance (GAA). The GAA is a network of autism organizations who are actively partnering on specific projects and programs on a global scale. Some of the plans include sponsoring international conferences, creating...

  • Schafer Autism Report

    Schafer Autism Report




    The Schafer Autism Report (SAR) app provides a digest of the latest relevant news and developments about autism in an e-newsletter format. SAR has been a main resource for families and professionals in the autism community since 1998. Some of the topics frequently covered in the SAR e-newsletter...

  • Edgeware Gallery

    Edgeware Gallery




    The application has two sections: content for artists & content for the public. It includes artist profiles, submission procedures, how to purchase the art, gallery hours, location, and contact information. Also visuals of past exhibitions, the current exhibition, and the upcoming exhibition.





    In this application parents of children with autism, will be able to get a 360 degree view of the causes, symptoms, treatments, medical diagnoses and assessments related to autism. Using this information, parents will be better informed to support their children and make effective decisions...

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