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  • Tony Rock

    Tony Rock




    Welcome to the Official Tony Rock app. Early in his career Tony gained a reputation as a young star in the making. The Hollywood Reporter in 2001 picked him as one of the hot young talents to come out of New York. People Magazine featured Tony in their July 7, 2003 Issue. During the first six...

  • B'Cause It's Mimi

    B'Cause It's Mimi




    Michelle Mitchum, MPH, founder of ‘B’Cause It’s Mimi’ - is a Holistic Personal Care Expert, with special focus on nutrition and beauty. Contrary to her formal educational training, Michelle has built a career in marketing- working in traditional advertising, event, music and fashion marketing....

  • New Hope Ministries

    New Hope Ministries




    The New Hope Christian Ministries, Inc. is of non-denominational faith, believing in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost (Spirit). The ministry has been flourishing since its establishment in July 2001, with a handful of members. In full operation of Sunday School, Worship Service...

  • Law Up

    Law Up




    This App allows the user to have instant access to legal protection and support when detained by law enforcement. The App, once activated, retains a permanent history of the time and location of the event and can also alert family or friends that the event has occurred.

  • Mike Kaos Whobedda

    Mike Kaos Whobedda




    I have been practicing the art of Disc Jockey since my years in High School (89). However, I v'e been a music lover my entire life. Being of West Indian background, I was exposed to all different genres of music. From Reggae / Calypso to Jazz and Blues. This diverse exposure is solely...

  • Everybody Paddles

    Everybody Paddles


    The “Everybody Paddles” Movement As in families, communities, cities, states, and countries... growth, development and improvement occur when all participants work together for a common interest. Society is being divided by economics, education, classism, ageism, gender differences, religion,...

  • Brooklyn Quality of Life

    Brooklyn Quality of Life




    Welcome to the Brooklyn Quality of Life App! An initiative of New York State Senator Eric Adams, this app empowers citizens to use technology to photograph dangerous conditions, report crime and receive instant alerts about important matters. The APP is a new and effective channel of...

  • Blue Life Karate

    Blue Life Karate




    Blue Life Karate and Fitness front We are the most preferred Martial Arts center in the area. We take a new approach to an old concept. Do you have an interest in achieving a strong body and mind? We can help you achieve the goal of physical fitness and personal development. If you are a...

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