Avinash Kulkarni

  • SmartCookieStudent


    SmartCookieStudent Smartcookie is a project about give reward points to teachers and students by School admin and Parents. It is an application for smartcookiestudent in which student can generate his coupon by using its reward point assigned by his teacher. What application do? •Student can...

  • Safety On Wheels




    Safety On Wheels- The ultimate advanced Android application that uses GPS tool which displaying the current speed. In this App you can set your maximum speed limit with its unit ,so the app will notify when you cross that speed limit by alarming a beep sound continuously till you are not come...

  • Startup World


    This is a simple application for student, use of this application is to gather student information,In this application student can Register by entering normal information,and then he/she can also register his/her education detail. and they can upload Profile Image for profile. and update profile...

  • Virtual Pill Box




    Patient registration process •Application supports multiple users that mean all the members of the family can be registered on the same device. This is an offline registration. The application can work on online and offline tablets as well. •During registration user can create his/her own...

  • Diabetes Guide




    DG application will provide complete health guide for the Diabetes Patient. Patient will be able to browse the healthy tips and information from various categories. Diabetes Patient will be able to enter their daily tracker entry such as Haemoglobin ,Insulin, BP, BG n etc. These logs are called...

  • Patient Health Diary




    This is a health care application that helps user keep a track of his daily health activities starting from medication to workouts. It provides the users with reports to analyse their health status. This application is associated with sites – pancare.panhealth.com. User has to register in...

  • Smart Address Book




    Smart Address Book is an android application having following features- Import contacts from phone book,Sync contacts to and from web applications,Create call list,add tags to contacts,assign task and notes to contacts. Can join the current call and add notes User can add tasks and notes after...

  • Reward Engine


    Reward Engine is an android application having following features- 1.Assign authority 2.Assign Rewards 3.Redeem rewards earned 4.view balance of reward earned Users register to following site can use this app http://learningplanet.in

  • Pan Health Record




    Personal health record” is an android application in which user can save records of his medications and can view them anywhere at any time. This application is associated with sites – i) panheath.com and ii) pancare.panhealth.com. User has to register in order to use this application. Main...

  • Elite PictureFrame




    Elite PictureFrame is an android application having following main features – Create album, Camera mode, Tag photos, Email photos, set photo as wallpaper, set photo as wallpaper, slideshow with background music. Registered user can: upload photos to PC and download photos from PC with the help...

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