• Avira Antivirus Security




    Avira Antivirus Security •Keeps your mobile device malware-free •Helps you find a lost/misplaced cell phone •Protects your data from theft •Blacklist unwanted contacts •Doesn’t drain your battery REVIEW: “Many applications are available that claim to protect a device, but few excel like...

  • Avira Android Optimizer




    What does Avira Android Optimizer do? ➢Boosts your speed and performance. ➢Cleans your phone (improving your gaming experience). ➢Optimizes your memory (RAM) usage. ➢Frees up storage space on your phone and SD card (by removing junk files) ➢Extends your battery life. Benefits of Avira...

  • Avira USSD Exploit Blocker




    This app protects you from the dirty USSD hack, which could erase your SIM card or even execute a factory reset if you visit a malicious web page, either through a bad link or QR code. Any smartphone running Android 4.1 or earlier may be vulnerable to an unwanted USSD wipe. How it works...

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