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Download Phone Status Phone Status icon

Phone Status

Displays the device status, network operator, device manufacturer, sof...

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Download BatteryStatus BatteryStatus icon


This application provides a detailed status of the battery.

Free | 8.2 121

8.2 Users
Download Sefirat HaOmer Sefirat HaOmer icon

Sefirat HaOmer

This application displays the siddur count for the Omer. The Omer is...

Free | 8.4 74

8.4 Users
Download Hebrew Birth Date Hebrew Birth Date icon

Hebrew Birth Date

This application displays the Hebrew Date for the current date. The u...

$0.99 Free | 9 41

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Download Luach Hebrew Calendar Luach Hebrew Calendar icon

Luach Hebrew Calendar

1. Shows a Hebrew - Gregorian calendar, a Luach. 2. Displays the Zeman...

$1.99 | 5.6 19

5.6 Users
Download Minyan Locator Minyan Locator icon

Minyan Locator

This app lists the Orthodox, Ashkenazi, Sephardic, Chabad and Hasidic,...

Free | 6.2 8

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Download Medical Calculator Medical Calculator icon

Medical Calculator

MedCalc includes 58 of the most important medical calculators and scor...

$2.99 $1.99 | 7 14

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Download Kitchen Conversions Kitchen Conversions icon

Kitchen Conversions

This application converts common kitchen units such as: - Cups - Fluid...

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Download Anesthesia Infusion Anesthesia Infusion icon

Anesthesia Infusion

Anesthesia Infusion converts weight-based doses from mcg/kg/min to ml/...

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