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AvivoNet Software

  • Luach Hebrew Calendar

    Luach Hebrew Calendar




    1. Shows a Hebrew - Gregorian calendar, a Luach. 2. Displays the Zemanim for the current location as well as many selected world cities. 3. Shows if the day is a special day. 4. Displays the hagim for the current year and any other year. 5. Saves names and dates. Updated UI. More features and...

  • Ashkenaz Shahrit Tefilah

    Ashkenaz Shahrit Tefilah


    This application is the Nusah Ashkenaz Shahrit Siddur. We will also publish a Minha/Maariv application as well as for other Nusah. NOTE: Due to Android software limitations(no native Hebrew), this app requires 11.5MB. Email us bugs, comments and or suggestions at Copyright...

  • Shahrit_EdutHaMizrah





    This application is the Shahrit Siddur for Sefardim Edut HaMizrah. We will publish the Minha/Arvit, as well as the Tefillot for RoshHodesh. Due to limitations in the Android Software, this application requires 16MB. Email us bugs, suggestions and or comments to Copyright...

  • Ashkenaz Shema Amidah

    Ashkenaz Shema Amidah




    This application is the Nusah Ashkenaz Shema and Amidah Siddur, which require much less memory than the full Shahrit service. We will also publish versions for Nusah Edut Hamizrah and Nusah Sefard. Email us bugs, comments and or suggestions at Copyright 2009 Avivonet Software

  • BatteryStatus





    This application provides a detailed status of the battery.

  • Minyan Locator

    Minyan Locator




    This app lists the Orthodox, Ashkenazi, Sephardic, Chabad and Hasidic, Synagogues and minyanim for the countries listed below: -USA -Australia -Canada -France -Germnany -Ireland -Italy -Netherlands -Switzerland -United Kingdom Email us any synagogue or minyan that is not in this list for these...

  • Units Convert and Calculator

    Units Convert and Calculator




    This application provides a 6 function calculator (+, -, *, /, %, and square root) combined with over 90 units conversions. has lists all of the conversions.

  • Kitchen Conversions

    Kitchen Conversions




    This application converts common kitchen units such as: - Cups - Fluid Ounces - Tablespoons - Teaspoons - Milliliters

  • Grid





    This application displays a grid of dots with ever changing colors.

  • Phone Status

    Phone Status




    Displays the device status, network operator, device manufacturer, software version, data and call states, phone and voice mail numbers, SIM ID, roaming state, android release version, and other data. copyright 2010 - Avivonet

  • Sefirat HaOmer

    Sefirat HaOmer




    This application displays the siddur count for the Omer. The Omer is counted every evening after nightfall, from the second night of Passover till the night before Shavuot. Email us at for any bugs, updates, questions or suggestions. Sefirat Ha-Omer - Rev 1.0.3 Copyright...

  • Anesthesia Infusion

    Anesthesia Infusion




    Anesthesia Infusion converts weight-based doses from mcg/kg/min to ml/hour, dependent on drug concentration and dilutions for 19 drugs: -Cisatracurium -Dexmedetomidine -Diazepam -Fentanyl -Hydromorphone -Ketamine -Lorazepam -Midazolam -Morphine -Nicardipine -Pancuronium -Pentobarbital...

  • Medical Calculator

    Medical Calculator




    MedCalc includes 58 of the most important medical calculators and scoring tools for the G1 android phone. It incorporates a simple and fast interface and provides comprehensive results maximizing your time caring for patients. Check the complete list of calculators at

  • Medication Infusion

    Medication Infusion




    Medication Infusion converts weight-based doses from mcg/kg/min to ml/hour, dependent on drug concentration and dilutions for over 16 drugs, such as: Dobutamine Epinephrine Lidocaine Esmolol See the complete list of drugs at to add more drugs,...

  • Hebrew Birth Date

    Hebrew Birth Date




    This application displays the Hebrew Date for the current date. The user will also enter a date on a date spinner, and the application will then display: 1. The Hebrew date for that date. 2. The current year date on which the Hebrew Date falls. 3. The Bar Mitzvah date (For a boy). 4. The Bat...

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