Avrin Ross

  • Professor Piggy Bank (Coins)


    Professor Piggy Bank is a fun & educational app featuring the four major coins used in the United States. It’s a great app for kids to learn about coins while having fun. With Professor Piggy Bank you can learn about coins, save money by putting coins in a piggy bank, play a game, count...

  • Quiz of Medicine (Top Drugs)




    Quiz of Medicine features thousands of questions for over 400 drugs, including the top 100 drugs used in 2013, and you don’t need a data connection to use it! This educational medical app is for pharmacy technicians / techs, pharmacists, nurses, doctors, students, and whomever else wants to learn...

  • Ultra Retro Game Soundboard




    Prepare yourself for the ultimate retro video game soundboard mobile app! Relive the sound of games from the 80's & 90's with the Ultra Retro Game Soundboard. Part of the reason why some retro games are great is the audio. Each bleep and bloop helped immerse the player in the game...

  • Zompy Jumpy- Jump over Zombies


    Zip up your tracksuit and see how long you can survive jumping over a hoard of dancing zombies. Eat a granola bar to add health. Jump & double jump to avoid zombies. Simple yet challenging gameplay. √ Retro graphics √ Retro audio √ Dancing zombies √ Colorful tracksuits √...

  • Word Owl's Word Search - K


    Word Owl's Word Search is a neat, big, and colorful word search for children that's designed for tablets. This Kindergarten Edition of Word Owl's Word Search features over 100 sight words for children in or around Kindergarten. These words have been gathered from numerous sight word...

  • Lightspeed Bit Bit




    Lightspeed Bit Bit is a retro neon stylized indie arcade game. The simple one finger touch control makes it easy for anybody to pick up and play, but it’s also challenging without being frustrating. Lightspeed Bit Bit has three awesome game modes. - Bit Bit Mode: This is the main mode of the...

  • Light Up The Tree! (Christmas)


    Light Up The Tree! is a fun & festive game for kids, parents, and people who love Christmas and the holiday season. This app is colorful, musical, and filled with holiday joy. There are 3 different game modes. 1. Turn On The Lights: Try to light up the entire Christmas tree by tapping the...

  • Strike The Goal


    Strike The Goal is a fun soccer/football/futbol themed physics puzzle arcade game. The goal... of the game is to strike the ball into the goal. Move your teammates in the white jerseys around to help set up the perfect shot, or you may need to simply move some of them out of the way. Aim the...

  • Jumbo Egg Hunt (Easter)


    Going on an Easter egg hunt is fun, so why limit it to only one day every year? With "Jumbo Egg Hunt" you can go on an Easter egg searching adventure anytime you like! In this game you'll be able to egg hunt in several different outdoor & indoor areas including; playgrounds,...

  • Gift Wrap Difference


    Gift Wrap Difference is a fun and festive spot the difference Christmas holiday themed game. There are over 50 difference screens constructed from 20 different amazing gift wrapping papers. The graphics are sharp, colorful, and HD. This game also plays two full length holiday songs with real...

  • Raven's Hidden Hollows


    Welcome to Raven's Hidden Hollows..... Raven's Hidden Hollows is a hidden object game with a dramatic black & white design. The hidden objects in this game hide in the shadows and attempt to blend in with the atmosphere. Each level has 10 items(2 bats, 3 cats, & 5 pumpkins). In...

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