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  • Mimeleon





    Mimeleon er et nytt og spennende spill hvor man mimer, synger eller forklarer ord. Flere hundre kjendiser, artister og dyr er med. Du kan selv velge kategoriene du ønsker å ha med. Det finnes to typer modus; vanlig og lag. Vanlig er hvor én og én mimer, synger eller forklarer, mens med lagmodus...

  • Remember





    Use Remember to help learn texts like definitions, chapter introductions or summaries by heart. 1. Add the text you want to Remember 2. Read it over and over again 3. Slide to hide words 4. Repeat steps 2. and 3. until you've learnt it!

  • TVLauncher





    TVLauncher will make your TVBox or Tablet reach its full potential while using it on a big screen. There are over 400 pre-made tiles and more are coming. Please note that there are updates coming soon. Check out freaktab for betas:...

  • Magic8Ball





    FREE - Magic 8 Ball for Android You can always ask the Magic8Ball any questions you have in mind for free. You must only ask a Yes or No questions for this Magic 8 Ball to answer perfectly with any questions you have rather than asking complicated questions that can make this oracle to give...

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