• WoW Jewelcrafting

    WoW Jewelcrafting




    World of Warcraft Jewelcrafting Profession leveling guide, pocket sized! Includes leveling and materials from 1-600, and a full list of new Mists of Pandaria recipes!

  • WoW Arena

    WoW Arena




    World of Warcraft (WoW) Arena Pocket Guide! Includes basic WoW Arena rules, a list of Arena Maps with descriptions, and even more Arena and basic PVP tips!

  • WoW Pet Battles

    WoW Pet Battles




    WoW Pet Battles is a beginners guide to the new pet battle system. This pocket reference gives you all the basics, along with a detailed explanation about World of Warcraft pets, and other tips!

  • WoW Mounts

    WoW Mounts




    Pocket Compilation Of Alliance / Horde / Neutral Mounts in World of Warcraft Including All New Mounts From Mists Of Pandaria!

  • Rituals





    Rituals of Witchcraft / Wicca / Pagan tradition, a chapter out of Witchcraft Spells, part of the Witchcraft Collection. This chapter is a fragment of the spell book, but will provide you with the rituals and prayers you need to start crafting.

  • Love Spells

    Love Spells




    Over a dozen love spells from Witchcraft / Wiccan / Pagan tradition, these are real spells so craft wisely! Love Spells is a chapter of "Witchcraft Spells", you can unlock the full collection from within this app, including over 100 spells, crystals and stones, history, glossary, herbs...

  • Penise Enlargement Pro

    Penise Enlargement Pro




    The simplest way to increase the size of your penis is to follow a standard exercise routine. These natural workouts have helped millions of men increase their penis size. Inside you will learn about Jelqing, The Penis Stretch, Squeezing, The Kegel, and much more! **Penise Enlargment Pro...

  • How To Become Pregnant

    How To Become Pregnant




    Do you want to become pregnant? There are many factors that will determine your eligibility to become pregnant, get the scoop right now and increase your chances! Learn more about the secrets behind pregnancy and fertility.

  • How To Get Pregnant

    How To Get Pregnant




    Getting pregnant is now easier than ever before, even if you've been having trouble! Educate yourself on the dos and do not's and learns discover some secrets through the process! Pregnancy is fun, and special! Have a happy pregnancy.

  • Witchcraft Spells

    Witchcraft Spells




    Witchcraft Spells, this app includes Witchcraft / Wicca / Paganism. This is the only witchcraft spells book you will ever need. UPDATED 9/17/2012, 6 new spell categories and dozens of new spells. ON SALE FOR A SHORT TIME Included witchcraft spell categories and witchcraft spells: ***Rituals...

  • Dream Magic

    Dream Magic




    Stop nightmares, sleep peacefully, regardless of your needs these spells are sure to help. Dream Magic is a chapter out of Witchcraft Spells, which contains 100+ spells encompassing over a dozen categories. Enjoy, and sleep easy!

  • Horror Stories

    Horror Stories




    "True Stories" proposes to gives its readers full authoritative information of the entire doctrine behind the most infamous mass cult killings, serial killers and pyscho murderers. The following movies were loosely based on the true stories of featured individuals within this app: *...

  • Forensics



    Forensics, Forensic Science Glossary Forensics Pocket Edition Glossary, perfect for brushing up on tests, quizzes, or learning all of the definitions to forensics. Never has it been easier to access all of this vital forensic information, A-Z. Currently on Sale (50% Off) tags: science,...

  • Magic Trick

    Magic Trick


    Magic Trick App proposes to gives its readers authoritative documentation of highly potent magic card tricks and secrets, let this pocket reference increase your magician-hood and breathe fresh life into your magical rotation! If you are looking for a top notch magic trick pocket book then look...

  • Golf Tips

    Golf Tips


    Golf Tips & Training proposes to gives its readers authoritative golf tips information that will give players of all skill levels an in depth course to help polish your Golfing capabilities. Remember, all legends started some where. Golf is hard work, and it can be very frustrating, but it...

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