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  • GoldCurrency



    This is an business application to watch gold price and currency exchange. Users can easily watch daily updated gold price and currency exchange. It is ideal for users who intersted to watch market !! And users can also watch myanmar gold prices so users can also know the condition of myanmar...

  • Num Shooter

    Num Shooter


    We hoped for the children just to enjoy by playing this game in their lesiure.Depending on fortune,num shooter show how you luck. Have a nice game!!

  • Staffnote





    -We hope for easier and faster control of staff attendance both for admin staff and other staff. -We aim for office staff to make attendance using in android phone. -Admin staff can set prefix for staff ID of company, public holidays and weekly holidays, total working hours for a day and, set in...

  • Just Teasing

    Just Teasing


    We hoped for the children to improve their thinking and joyfulness. We provide the two player action by using the blue-tooth connection. Have a nice game!!

  • Ice Cracker

    Ice Cracker


    For children to improve accuracy skills by competing with system. Have happy and joyful times Cracking Ice cubes !!!

  • PostCard Pro!

    PostCard Pro!


    One of the creating Postcard application. User can be created many cards types(Birthday card, Anniversary card, Friendship card, Love card, Valentine card and Christmas card) with their own photo by choosing from gallery or take new photo by camera. Moreover uers can type anything at postcard...

  • Vocab Challenge

    Vocab Challenge


    We hope for the child to learn Noun vocabularies such as fruits, flowers, vegetables,animals, stationaries and commodities by playing the games.Player can know their grade by looking the success level.Lets practise and win level more and more!

  • iQ21





    We hoped for the children especially over 12 years age to improve their mathematic ability, their thinking and their IQ .Our will be suited for children who prefer thinking rather than adventures....

  • Ten Japanese Language Centers

    Ten Japanese Language Centers




    "We present you now about the Ten Japanese Language Centers in Yangon. It shows how youths are closed and related to Japanese Language to learn and as a carrier language for foreign language in Myanmar. Among the Foreign Language Center, the statement is Japanese Language Center. We...

  • Burmese Games

    Burmese Games




    We want to introduce about Myanmar traditional games.We hope that this application is more useful.This application have 15 game lists.Every games have same of one thing.That is more enjoyable when u play.If you want to improve team wok ,you should play (Golden Brown Kite,Little Sparrow,Salts and...

  • Top Ten Thailand Restaurants

    Top Ten Thailand Restaurants


    "- We present you now about the Thailand Restaurants in Yangon. We will fresh when we eat Thai food because of spicy. It is more tasty and we have a wish to eat although we haven't wanted to eat."

  • Top Ten Myanmar Restaurants

    Top Ten Myanmar Restaurants




    "- The good restaurant, it is not only about food but also the places. - We wish to present about Burmese traditional cuisine, snacks, etc... - A popular Burmese rhyme sums up the traditional favourites: ""A thee ma, thayet; a thar ma, wet; a ywet ma, lahpet"",...

  • SaGaSu



    "We hoped for the children to improve their mathematic ability, thinking, memory and performing quick action. Player should notice that he or she must select the correct sequence of numbers in a defined time. Have a nice game!!"

  • Aqua Life

    Aqua Life


    It is just the nature of sea which is being love to Human. All are fair and justice in this world. We, human being is older and older and then dead. It is not the end for human being. It is just one life left and another one life come to the World in every time.We, human being should handle the...

  • Top Ten Pagodas in Yangon

    Top Ten Pagodas in Yangon




    "There are many famous pagodas in Yangon. Among of these, we describe 10 famous pagodas in Yangon briefly. At this application, we show the gallery of 10 famous pagodas and its related history."

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