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We hoped for the children especially over 12 years age to improve their mathematic ability, their thinking and their IQ .Our will be suited for children who prefer thinking rather than adventures. Have a nice game!!

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Let's Study

We hope for the child to learn the vocabulary of the animals,how to pronounce,where they live and their voices. And also can be practiced these names' spellings, these names' pronunciation,some of living characters by playing the games.Player can know their grade by looking the stars at the end of the game.Lets practice and win the grading…

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Aqua Life

It is just the nature of sea which is being love to Human. All are fair and justice in this world. We, human being is older and older and then dead. It is not the end for human being. It is just one life left and another one life come to the World in every time.We, human being should handle the best of nature and we should relay the best of nature…

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We want to present you about Wear Me game which describe the ASEAN Costumes. We will provide your knowledge of ASEAN dressing with WearMe. In this Application, 10 costumes of ASEAN dress information are described. It will be benefiting for who interests sermons of ASEAN Costumes. Let's start trying choices with We…

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