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Fire Truck Games For Toddlers

The sirens on and it is an emergency for our fire fighter heroes and their trusty fire engine! The fun is on now with these free fire truck games for toddlers from fire truck puzzles, tetris, cool memory games and Sling The Fireman Game. Hence if you are looking for fun fire truck games free for toddlers then this is an app you should download now.…

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Hippo Games Free

Want free hippo games to keep your kids (or you) entertained? Then this app have fun hippo games free with three challenging jigsaw puzzles, over forty hippo memory card games, awesome space game and a fantastic hippo sling challenge. The puzzles alone will keep toddlers to young adults occupied for long periods of time. And besides, puzzles and m…

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Cool Lion Games For Kids Free

Want lion games for free and suitable kids? This cool app has a range of entertaining games from four free lion puzzles, space game and a wicked slinging game where you get the opportunity to throw a lion towards their big meaty meals. It's fun, and no animal or person gets hurt during this cute lion game outing. The four lion puzzles for kid…

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Cat Jigsaw Puzzles & Games

Want fun and cool cat puzzle games, and one that is free? Then this app contains three challenging free cat jigsaw puzzles, space games, cat memory games and a slinging game where you get to throw or help angry cats to chase our happy feet penguins. The cat jigsaw puzzles alone will entertain both the kids and adults for hours. Each puzzle have 3…

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Fun Lion Games For Kids Free

Roar, Roar! The deafening sound is from the king of the jungle, the lion. If you are looking for cool lion games for kids free, then this app has three awesome free lion games to enjoy from. This game will suit all ages from 3 and young teens. In it there are three fun jigsaw puzzles with various level of difficulty, two memory games and sling the…

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