• Maths Bug, mental maths games




    A cool maths game for children, teens and adults to train & improve mental maths skills. Keep your maths skills sharp with Maths Bug. ★★★★★ "This is really good for people who are struggling with their maths!!!" ★★★★★ "Very easy to use. Very well set up" ★★★★★ "Yes...

  • Property Search Organizer




    Buying a house for sale or renting a flat? Planning to buy or rent a house? This organizer will be of use to you, it provides a handy way to collect and maintain details of realty for sale as you do your searching and appraisal of the real estate market. No more lost notes or phone numbers,...

  • Eco & Green Dictionary




    Green dictionary of 850+ environmental, ecological, solar power & wind power, energy efficiency, climate change, weather, recycling, global warming and general 'green' terms and definitions. Totally Free! Helps you understand climate change and various environmental issues better....

  • R & U-Value Calculator




    With this calculator you can work out the effective R-Value or U-Value for a set of materials (with their total width). This is used to work out the required amount of insulating material needed to meet energy efficiency regulations for a given wall, floor or ceiling. Handy for a builder,...

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