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  • Azi's Simple Tic Tac Toe

    Azi's Simple Tic Tac Toe




    This is, yes, another clone of the ancient Tic Tac Toe thing, your wits against your beloved gadget. Four levels of difficulty, from the almost-random to the invincible. This was written at the request of my little kiddy, hence the design is simple and plain as can be; No bells, no whistles, no...

  • Azi's Turbo Worm(Snake,NO ADS)

    Azi's Turbo Worm(Snake,NO ADS)




    A Free + AD FREE Snake game featuring large free-scrolling fields, lots of scattered obstacles, many levels of increasing difficulty, save points and more! Features: * Enormous, smoothly free-scrolling fields with sizes up to 120 x 120 squares * Gazillion of obstacles scattered all around,...

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