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  • Santa Gifts




    "Santa Gifts" game - Santa gives different type of gifts from running horse carriage. Player/User will collect gifts in a bucket and increase his score in a selected specific time. User can move bucket from left to right and right to left using dragging feature. Game over screen will be...

  • ISGCON-2014




    The ISGCON 2014 has finally arrived and we are eagerly waiting to welcome you all to Mumbai. The members of the local organizing committee along with the executive councils of the ISG, SGEI, and INASL have strived hard to prepare for you a power packed academic and social program. On the first...

  • Azad Titli




    Azad Titli is a side-scrolling, easy to play, simple, fun and incredibly addictive mobile game with attractive graphics and simple touch game, objective is to navigate a flying Titli (butterfly), which moves continuously towards right to pass the obstacles between each coming sets without...

  • Smack The Donkey




    Need a place to vent out your anger against someone, may be the BOSS or friend or spouse. Welcome to the virtual world, where you can smack the ass to your hearts content. Let go of your anger and enjoy smacking, keep scoring based on hits. Shake your Phone/Tab as fast as you can to master your...

  • egg Madness Lite




    Catch the falling eggs!(Free Version.) Land as many eggs as you can. See if you can fill up the Big Basket? There are airborne hens They’re dropping eggs by the handful. You are the lucky one being underneath on the ground ready to catch the eggs and place them safely into your basket. Move...

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