Babak Mozaffari

  • Calendar Companion (Search)




    Simple application to search your entire Google Calendar; your phone only keeps a few months of history. Sub-calendars, Auto-complete based on search history, Google Now / Global Search support Improved for Android 4+ devices to: - Uses existing account authentication without asking you for...

  • Shopping List Plus




    Create shopping lists by typing items or looking them up from updatable lists. Read the help page by pressing menu. Hide or show checked off items, long press item for more options. Support for Android Wear: - See shopping lists when you open the app on your wear device - Check off items in a...

  • Photo Date Correction




    NOTE: Due to an Android bug in recent versions (maybe 3.1+), this app is unable to update file timestamps. The bug in question is: This is more a script than an application and has no real user interface. Copying images to different folders...

  • Secure EAS




    *************** No ICS support! *************** Android 4.x is not supported and as the default Email application on ICS already supports client certificates, it is not clear whether this application would provide any additional benefits. This app adds support for Client Certificate...

  • Ruler




    Simple application that displays a ruler on your screen to measure small items. Switch to measuring mode and change between inches/mm. Backlight to see through paper.

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