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BEST SHARK WALLPAPERS - BEST ANIMALS/FISHES WALLPAPERS DOWNLOAD NOW! It's FREE! - BE our first to download this app! SIMPLE AND EASY TO USE - We love to keep our life simple! SHARE TO FRIENDS - We love sharing best photos with our family, friends and strangers! Sharks are a group of fish characterized by a cartilaginous skeleton, five to s…

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Birthday Photo Frame Camera

******BEST BIRTHDAY PHOTO FRAMES APP IN ANDROID FREE****** ******BEST BIRTHDAY CAMERA APP IN ANDROID FREE****** We wish you Happy Birthday! Hope you celebrate this special birthday with your loves, family and friends, take birthday photos and decorate with this awesome birthday frames app to memorize every birthday moments! This is a very EASY an…

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Birthday Card

BEAUTIFUL HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARDS - BEST BIRTHDAY GREETING CARD IN YEAR! A way to wish your beloved or friends a happy birthday FREE here! Send a beautiful, cute, or elegant birthday ecards to them by downloading this apps with 50 desired birthday cards. Make them feel so impressed by your happy birthday greeting card and have a happy moment with it.…

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Football 12 LWP

Collection of super soccer wallpapers with quality resolution and lively feel! See how the football players kick the football on your phone screen everyday by download the FREE soccer wallpaper now. Enjoy the joyful of football games through these FREE unique soccer wallpapers! Build teamwork from football games through these FREE beautiful socc…

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Puppy Wallpaper

Dogs are the most adorable animals in the world which bring fun and laughing to us! This app contains of cute dogs and puppy photos/images/wallpapers! You can set them as dogs wallpapers on your phone! You can send/share the puppy images/photos with friends! You can save/views dogs photos! It will bring you joy even it is a very simple app! Enj…

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My Little White Tiger LWP

RARE and BEST WHITE TIGER WALLPAPERS! - The Only One white tiger wallpapers in the android market!! The White Tiger (also known as the White Bengal Tiger) is a subspecies of Tiger! A white tiger is caused by the homozygous occurrence of a recessive allele in the genome. A white tiger is born around one in 15,000 wild Bengal tiger births. It is a…

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Wolf Wallpaper

BEST WOLF WALLPAPERS - BEST ANIMALS WALLPAPERS COLLECTIONS BEST QUALITY, BEST RESOLUTION, BEST COLLECTIONS! Grab the chance to download the best wolf wallpapers! There are many types of wolf: # Gray Wolf The Common Wolf is also known as the Gray Wolf. This is the type of wolf that most people are familiar with. #Arctic Wolf No other wolf in t…

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Horse - Pony Wallpaper

GET FREE HORSE COLLECTION NOW! Horse lovers always love this horses app because it is very simple, easy and free to view, share and like the horse wallpapers! Features of horse wallpapers app: - it works offline where no internet connection required! - Share app on Facebook, send by bluetooth, send by mail, save to android phone and more. - Free…

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Cow Wallpaper

BEST COW/CATTLE WALLPAPERS - BEST ANIMALS/MAMMALS WALLPAPERS Pro Cows/Cattle have Over 800 breeds of cattle are recognized worldwide! Cows/Cattle were originally identified as three separate species: Bos taurus, the European or "taurine" cattle. Cows/Cattle occupy a unique role in human history, domesticated since at least the early Neo…

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Birthday Cards + Photo Frames

Birthday Cards + Photo Frames app is a special app which allow you to send Birthday Greeting Card to your beloved, family member and friends, OR apply birthday frames to your photos. This app is easy to use. Features A: Step 1: Choose a birthday greeting cards Step 2: Send to your beloved, family and friends. Features B: Step 1: Choose photo from…

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Big Dogs Wallpaper LWP

This DOGS wallpapers app will be the paradise for all dog lovers! Why? It have many cute and nice photos or images for grown up dogs and dogs puppies. Keep these FREE lovely, lively and adorable pet dog's photos in your ANDROID now! Animals are so cute! Dogs are known as the most loyal friends to human and most popular pet among the cute pet…

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Spider Wallpaper LWP

Enjoy the FREE spider lively wallpapers app and share these special or unique spider wallpapers photos to your friends too. All spiders are predatory eight-legged creatures. Spider that have organs to spin silk at the back ends of their bodies. Spiders are the largest part of the arachnid family, a group that also includes scorpions and ticks. Spi…

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