• Emoji Keyboard

    Emoji Keyboard




    "This is the keyboard to input Emoji icons in Facebook, Twitter, and instant messengers (WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, LINE, We Chat) chat apps and many social networks together with the normal English keyboard which make input Emoji more convenient." "Put some emotions into SMS...

  • HD Full Caller ID

    HD Full Caller ID




    HD Full Caller ID is a caller screen for your android phone. By using "Caller ID -HD" you can customize the way your phone notifies you upon incoming & outgoing calls, SMS and missed calls etc. Set full screen HD photos for your friend's calls & texts and also customize...

  • App Lock Free (App protector)

    App Lock Free (App protector)




    App Lock Free (App protector) Protect apps from your kid or unwanted eyes.Keep them a secret. Yes We're here with a very simple application lock application with various easy customization features, Looking for simple application lock. App Lock Free (App protector) restrict other users to...

  • Scandroid - QR & Barcode

    Scandroid - QR & Barcode




    Change your smartphone into a powerful QR code, Bar code scanner and Creator, by using this powerful application DROID SCAN. This intuitive, full featured QR code reader and creator will change the way you interact with QR codes and their smart actions. Easily scan QR codes and Bar codes on...

  • Gallery Lock - Photos & Videos

    Gallery Lock - Photos & Videos




    Gallery Safe - Photos & Videos *** Hide Pictures and Photos with our Gallery Lock*** Note : Please read the description below to restore images. Sometimes you just have to hide some pictures on your phone from other people that might use it. Gallery Lock makes this easy. Gallery Lock...

  • Ultra Neon Keyboard

    Ultra Neon Keyboard




    Ultra Neon Keyboard Now impossible is made possible so you could boast with a different set of keyboard. Install the new neon keyboard and you will get features like vibration on key press, sound on key press, auto capital case and word suggestion. Neon themes blue, pink, green, yellow and red...

  • Fingerprint Scanner Lock

    Fingerprint Scanner Lock




    Fingerprint scanner Security Lock Get the fool out of your friends with this app.. if you like pranks this app is certainly for you. Biometric Fingerprint Security Lock makes your phone to a Advanced Biometric Lock of Sci-Fi movie and scans and verify your fingerprints. Friends, sibling,...

  • Pink Fingerprint Security

    Pink Fingerprint Security




    Pink Fingerprint Security lock Get the fool out of your friends with this app.. if you like pranks this app is certainly for you. Biometric Fingerprint Security Lock makes your phone to a Advanced Biometric Lock of Sci-Fi movie and scans and verify your fingerprints. Friends, sibling, parents,...

  • Message Lock +

    Message Lock +




    -------:ALERT:------- If you have locked some of your messages by using SMS LOCK app and now you suppose to uninstall the app from your phone then first unlock the messages before uninstalling the app, otherwise your messages will be deleted from the inbox. "Do your friends always...

  • Power Flashlight LED + Torch

    Power Flashlight LED + Torch




    Power FlashLight LED + Torch Still in Dark...??? Try our FlashLight app and, Turn your phone into torch FlashLight LED + Torch. The fastest and lightest among all apps you've ever have. Features:- -*- SOS/Strobe lights -*- CFL light -*- Dynamic User Interface -*-Screen Lights with full...

  • Battery 2X Booster

    Battery 2X Booster




    Battery 2X Saver "Are you always tired of charging your battery again & again. No need to worry now." Battery booster will give a significant change in the battery life after using this application. Battery boost will help you to speed up your android phone, save battery,completely...

  • Split Cam : Pic Saga

    Split Cam : Pic Saga




    Split Camera : Pic Saga Do you want to produce interesting photos? Bring out you inner artist With our split camera, take fun snapshots and edit with just few touches, It's also you live personal photo studio !!! Split camera divides your camera into two halves. You control what is added...

  • Comic Camera FX

    Comic Camera FX




    "Comic Camera" is a full featured comic style photo creation app. With just few clicks you can turn your pictures in to comic sketch style. "Comic Camera" is one of the best camera app of today's market because of its unique features and around 20 comic photo effects....

  • Pic 'O' Sketch

    Pic 'O' Sketch




    Picture Sketch Make your digital photos into a masterpiece, you don't have to a professional to digitalize your pics. Pic 'O' Sketch is an excellent photo application for Android, it converts your digital photos into your desired art. Choose from more than 15 styles including...

  • mp3 Ringtone Maker

    mp3 Ringtone Maker




    mp3 Ringtone Maker Why depend on others when you can create your own ringtones... A must have application for a music lover, manage sound files on the tip of your little finger. Presenting a new mp3Ringtone Cutter and make your own alarms, notifications, caller ringtones with our app. Get rid...

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