Badabee Apps

  • Tapp



    Tapp will forever change the way you communicate with friends…from anywhere in the world! Join us and see why we are more than just the best gateway. With Tapp App you can send messages to all countries and all operators. With our user friendly interface you can send messages easily by selecting...

  • Soccer News

    Soccer News




    Everything you need to know about soccer from all over the world!

  • Fashion Trends

    Fashion Trends


    Fashion: Latest News, Style Tips & Trends

  • Annoying Baby

    Annoying Baby




    Our Annoying Experts did it again! This annoying baby laugh app is made with the best ingredients of our 100% annoying recipe. Every prankster should have it. So do you!

  • Balloons Live Wallpaper

    Balloons Live Wallpaper




    Download this beautiful balloons wallpaper for free! Go to the Settings page and change wallpapers options.

  • Live Sunflower Wallpaper

    Live Sunflower Wallpaper




    Live Sunflower Wallpaper, brings joy and inspiration... Download this beautiful Live Sunflower Wallpaper for free!

  • Insects hunter live wallpaper

    Insects hunter live wallpaper




    Do you like insects? We didn't think so! Take your revenge with our amazing Live Insect Hunter Wallpaper for FREE!

  • Pix Mix Jewels

    Pix Mix Jewels




    Simple Memory Game for kids and adults :) Find the same jewel in the grids.You can improve your memory and have fun at the same time!

  • Angry Kebab

    Angry Kebab




    Hungry!? Get your kebab ready now! Amaze your friends with your cooking abilities!!

  • Graffiti Puzzle

    Graffiti Puzzle


    Graffiti Puzzle is a fun puzzle game applicable for all ages. Provides hours of entertainment for you and your whole family!

  • PIX MIX faces

    PIX MIX faces




    Simple Memory Game for Kids and adults :) Find the same face in the grids.You can improve your memory and have fun at the same time!

  • Ultimate Animal Quiz

    Ultimate Animal Quiz


    Can you identify the animals on the screen and pick the correct one? Have great fun with Ultimate Animal Quiz and see how many animal breeds you can recognize! - Birds - Cats - Dogs - Fish - Insects - Wild Animals

  • Clickety Frog

    Clickety Frog




    Feel the ORIGINAL vintage click toy experience with our new AMAZING app! Clickety Frog is a toy clicker app for endless hours of fun. With our 100% Annoying recipe, Clickety Frog is a perfect tool for pranksters all over the world. Some people also use it as a stress reliever, what can you...

  • Boom Bombs Live Wallpaper

    Boom Bombs Live Wallpaper




    Download Boom Bombs Live Wallpaper for free! Full of exploding bomb action!

  • Live Summertime Wallpaper

    Live Summertime Wallpaper




    Crazy FREE summertime live wallpaper!

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