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Bag of Tricks

  • Diffraction Calculator




    Brought to you by KS Analytical Systems (, Diffraction Calculator was developed to calculate the diffraction angle or spacing between diffraction planes for both x-ray and electron diffraction. It uses Bragg's Law to determine the angle or spacing based on inputs...

  • Linear Interpolator




    A useful app for linear interpolation of data from a table of values. Very easy to use. Interpolate data from tables for: Thermodynamics Steam tables Fluid mechanics HVAC Engineering etc.

  • FREE Linear Interpolator




    A free app for linear interpolation of data from a table of values. Very easy to use. If you find our free version useful, please help us bring you more apps by purchasing our paid version. Number of decimal places in result is based on decimals in input values. Interpolate data from tables...

  • Perfect Pie Portions




    Have you ever gone to cut into a nice, hot, fresh pie (mmmm... pie) only to realize that there are seven people anxiously awaiting pieces? You know that if you cut the pie into eight pieces, you will end up witnessing a seven person royal rumble over who gets the last piece! Well, worry no more!...

  • Sheet Metal Bender




    This app calculates the correct bend allowance for sheet metal parts. Unique features include: NO ADVERTISING - this app does not show any ads and therefore does not consume your data plan GAUGE TABLE - includes a quick reference for standard gauges of steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel...

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