• Wise Monkey




    Wise Monkey is a magic trick, where I'll guess the card you choose. Also find out your date of birth and a random number you choose.

  • Tracking your bussiness


    Trace the branches of your company with cell gps, lets customers know how to get the most surrounded by branch location. You can load the address of the branch from the server easily.

  • IOMS-BMI Calculator and CCD




    Using the BMI (Body Mass Index) we can see this as our body standards set by the WHO (World Health Organization). With this application you can easily calculate your level, placing your weight and height in cm. You can also calculate the daily caloric intake according to your daily activity....

  • WEBMAIL - Bahia Estudio Web




    Con esta aplicacion web que lanzamos, ahora podes ver en tus smartphone cualquier correo electronico que tengas en nuestro hosting. Sin tener que realizar ninguna configuracion complicada y totalmente facil. Si tenes contratado el hosting con Bahia Estudio Web, entonces podes acceder a tus...

  • Are you this developer?