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Location Profile

You will not miss important calls letting your phone on silent when you are at home, you will not spoil your business meeting with a unexpected call and you will not need to change your settings everyday. Manage profiles according to location or time, the device will change it automatically for you.

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This application gives you freedom to set an Alarm based on the location. Traditional Alarm works on time which can not be useful when the place is considered as ultimate destination. Features -Set Alert Type. -Set location area up to 10 km. -Search location from the Search bar. -Help Included

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RakuRaku Lite

Raku is Japanese for “easy”. RakuRaku Lite provides a very simple and user friendly UI for interacting with contacts. Also suitable for introducing people to touch screen smart phones, particularly seniors. Beta version, feedback and recommendations are welcome! Support for 1.6 coming soon.

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Geo Notification History

Registers the user location when the phone receives a missed call or new message. Helps you to find out where you were when a new message arrived or you missed a call. Feedback is welcome.

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Waseda Connect

An App assiting the foreign students studying at Waseda university! Main features: - Interface in English and Japanese - Free chat function with other members of the Waseda community - Special section for useful information (university life and for the surrounding of Waseda unviersity) - Notifications on received messages and special events - Map…

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Complete RSS Widget

The ultimate RSS news widget! Stay informed without navigating away from the home screen. Cool 2x4 design with several skins and all the tools you need: feeds and update settings – refresh time, number of articles. Use of up, down arrows (no scrolling). Recommendations, feedback are welcome! warning - may not read ill-formed rss feeds

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