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  • Motorbike





    This is the official Motorbike game by baKno Games, downloaded by hundreds of thousands of game enthusiasts to their desktops, tablets and smartphones, now finally available on GooglePlay. Motorbike is a casual bike skills game full of action and real physics dynamics. It includes 80 baKno...

  • Kink



    Kink: A twist, curl, curve or bend in something that is otherwise straight. Use your drawing skills to trace over looped curves created by the game, and avoid the black spot or you will get kinked. Score points while you trace correctly, and complete each curve while increasing the level of...

  • Lucky Explorers - Custom Bikes

    Lucky Explorers - Custom Bikes




    Lucky Explorers provides top design bicycles for different markets such as athletes, business and celebrities. Lucky Explorers not only resells renowned Italian brands such as Masciarelli and Kyklos, but creates custom bikes as well, using state of the art technologies and materials. This app...

  • Rasty Pelican

    Rasty Pelican


    Control Rasty the Pelican by flying and swimming around the beautiful Caribbean sea. Avoid different obstacles and natural dangers, while keeping the energy and oxygen levels. Restore Rasty's energy with food, and collect as many coins as possible. Customize by selecting your playing level,...

  • Backgammon





    The classic board game of all times, with gorgeous graphics, computer opponent, and intuitive interface. Backgammon is a game of luck and strategy. Beautiful handcrafted board and pieces are showcased in a 3D view with rotation and zoom. With Backgammon you can test your playing skills against...

  • Domino





    Enjoy endless fun with baKno's wonderfully designed and easy-to-play Domino game. Will you be the first to place all your tiles on the table for a win? Play Domino anytime, anywhere, against one or three computer opponents. Choose from three difficulty levels, five beautifully designed tile...

  • Yatzy





    Yatzy is the popular dice game played in a variety of ways all over the world. This baKno version of the game was developed in 3D with a physics engine so the dice roll out of a cup and bounce on the table with realistic forces of nature. The object of Yatzy is to score the most points by...

  • Kubix



    Kubix is a unique variation of the click-and-remove type of game from the 80's. Featuring great graphics, wonderful effects and awesome music, Kubix provides endless hours of entertainment. Touching on a colored block will remove all adjacent blocks of the same color. You add points to your...

  • Tico



    Looking for a healthy addiction? Tico provides you with endless hours of entertainment. Unique shapes of colored blocks drop from the top. Your task is to avoid letting the stacked blocks reach the top by arranging them in complete rows across the bottom. A completely filled row vanishes,...

  • Neven



    A fun and easy-to-play word puzzle game playable in seven different languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Portuguese. Find words hidden within the honeycomb of letters. A simple touch-drag-and-release gesture allows you to select words and improve your score until...

  • SpacePig





    Journey to the moon as the whimsical “SpacePig” in this fun and entertaining cartoon-style game. You’ll have a blast collecting coins and diamonds around the moon. Catch as many as you can, but beware of falling meteorites and spikes. Find out how you’re playing against other SpacePigs around...

  • Gems





    Gems is an addictive match-three game with gorgeous graphics and a very simple touch and drag interface. Customize the game by selecting your skill level or background image, and compare your score to baKno’s Top Players list. This latest version of Gems by baKno comes with five explosive...

  • Blast





    Blast is a modern shooter game featuring awesome graphics, exhilarating special effects and really cool music. You will enjoy Blast for hours, destroying enemy spacecrafts, collecting power-ups and protecting your planet from invasion. Customize Blast by selecting your game difficulty and...

  • Pinball





    3D Pinball game based on a state-of-the-art physics engine with an amazing unique feature: a Pinball table Editor that allows players to create fully customized tables and post them online. The game comes with 10 gorgeous tables and a growing number of online tables created by players around the...

  • PunkTrader





    A stock trading game that will allow you to test your trading skills on historical stock market price movements. PunkTrader will randomly pick one of the 20 most representative stocks and take you to 9:30 am Wall-Street time at the beginning of a random trading day. Once the game starts, you...

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