• Hidden Objects Cats




    Brand new hidden object game - Hidden Objects Cats! If you like cats and animal games this position is for you. Like its predecessor, this is logic and search game with same rules: - clear level in order to unlock next, - proper attempt when searching is rewarded with 50 points, - missed click...

  • Animal Farm for Kids




    Animal farm for kids is very graduatable app for toddlers and kids. Touch one of the animal and enjoy his characteristic sounds and animations. This app is very friendly for kids all years. It allows toddlers to learn basic animal sounds. This application includes animals such as: - horse -...

  • Hidden Objects Summer




    Hidden Objects Summer - new logic and search game for everyone - all for free. Summer time happens! Feel the magic of holiday and warm sun in your phone playing this hidden object game. Go through each level, find hidden kids, fruits, birds, dogs, cats, balls and discover beautiful sunny Hidden...

  • Easter Eggs Hidden Objects




    Easter Eggs hidden objects game - new free game for spring time. Easter fest is coming together with the long-awaited spring! This is the time that most kids and toddlers love. The days are getting longer and warmer. All that magic of spring is presented in this game. Feel breath of fresh air...

  • Hidden Objects Christmas




    Hidden Objects Christmas - new search game from known series. Christmas time is coming! Feel the magic of Christmas in your phone through very entertaining hidden object game. Go through each level, find hidden Santa Claus, gifts, stars, Christmas tree and discover beautiful festal world. This...

  • Hidden Objects Cartoons




    Hidden objects cartoons is very entertaining logic and search game for everyone. This is classic hidden object game with few rules: - clear level in order to unlock next, - proper attempt when searching is rewarded with 50 points, - missed click substracts 25 points, - clearing level before...

  • Thermometer Free




    Electronic thermometer is simple app to measure indoor and outdoor temperature in "old school" style. Indoor temperature - you have to notice that not so many devices have ambient sensor installed, so mostly this is electronics device temperature. Devices without this sensor have to be...

  • Blow Up The Frog




    Blow Up The Frog - funny game for everyone. Start blow on the microphone which is placed at the bottom of your phone and do it as much as you can in order to blow up the toad. Share this froggy app with your friends. See who can fastest finish this competition. Enjoy funny toad's...

  • Dancing cat




    Dancing cat is funny, providing entertainment, application for everyone. Wake up sweet sleeping kitty through shaking your phone and see how he can dance. Nice, special made, music with funny moves will give a lot of fun. Don't let this cat to get a rest, shake again and dance with him....

  • Dog whistle - trainer for dog




    Whistle for dog is the best item to train your dog. This whistle app produces same sounds as original whistle for dog. Probably each of us had in past problems with his dog's bad habits. From now you can prevent such a situations. Use this Dog whistler app for training dogs. First part is...

  • Lie Detector FAKE




    Lie detector is funny app to fool your friends or family. This detector was made only for joke purposes! It's fake lie detector. You can "record" and "detect" as many times as you want. Remember - before detection you have to record first. Lie detector is very nice toy to...

  • Car Sounds




    Car Sounds presents real 15 unique cars with images and their characteristic engine sounds. Special made main theme song takes you into world of car's sounds. You can find here cars like: Mercedes, Ferrari, Porsch, Aston Martin, Audi, Chevrolet, Dodge, Mazda, Mini Cooper, Nissan, Subaru and...

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