• Custom Dice 3D




    ★★★50% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME★★★ ★★★ Game in 3D ★★★ ★★★ Movement of dices in real-time ★★★ Make yourself your own dice. Add your name and those of your friends .... Add actions, truths ..... Add sexual positions, kamasutra positions ..... Give free to your imagination….. and if you like this...

  • Dayz Finder -DayZ Standalone-




    DayzFinder provides you the DayZ Standalone map, and lets you place markers (player positions, destination) . DayzFinder automatically shares those markers and positions with friends in your group (with a FREE account creation without personnal information or email, only need a login, a team...

  • Heads or Tails 3D




    ★★★To make choice use "Heads or Tails 3D"★★★ "Heads or Tails 3D" makes a coin tossing very realistic, so allow fate to decide for you... To Play : ★Shake the iPhone (Accelerometer)★ OR ★Use the touch screen★ ★3D-graphical representation of the coin★ ★Realistic sounds★...

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