• Baby Stop Cry

    Baby Stop Cry




    This application can be used to soothe the child when the child is crying with an attractive appearance and funny, in this application there are various options that can calm the child as a funny example chickens, monkeys, dogs are equipped with sound funny and interesting.

  • Lost Pirates MH370

    Lost Pirates MH370


    We are all concerned about the disaster MH370. BOING 777 plane trip ends in the Indian Ocean carrying 239 passengers and crew. Everything happens over God's plan. Through these games let us pray that the family be given strength. And we are increasingly aware that this life is temporary. Your...

  • Learning Multiplication Lite

    Learning Multiplication Lite


    Multiplication is a basic mathematical operations that are essential for children's arithmetic ability, as well as addition, subtraction and division. We know that mathematics is the mother of all knowledge, the success of future adult children often determined mathematics and language....

  • Belajar Perkalian Lite

    Belajar Perkalian Lite




    Perkalian merupakan operasi matematika dasar yang sangat penting untuk kemampuan aritmatika anak, disamping penjumlahan, pengurangan dan pembagian. Kita tahu bahwa matematika adalah Ibu dari semua pengetahuan, kesuksesan anak dimasa dewasa sering sekali ditentukan matematika dan bahasa....

  • Puzzle Endek

    Puzzle Endek




    With this apps, we introducing special-art traditional cloth from Bali called Endek. The patterning technique of endek is ikat of the weft. Once solely the prerogative of high caste Balinese families, endek was woven as individual pieces on a back strap loom but now is produced in large...

  • Run Run Away

    Run Run Away




    It's a two players tug of war. As a mummy or a tomb hunter. The fastest are the champion. Let's play!

  • Queen's Tandoor

    Queen's Tandoor




    Our home delivery service at QUEEN'S BALI is provided by a dedicated motorbike fleet of delivery dispatchers. All orders delivered directly to your door within 30 to 45 minutes depending on the area and access to the destination. Our delivery cuisine is carefully packaged in insulated,...

  • Kids Farm

    Kids Farm




    Kids Farm was developed from a simple idea to train the habits of children from an early age to appreciate money. Money earned by the struggle that is not easy, it requires patience and time. Then save money in order to grow and eventually spend it. There are several levels ranging from easy to...

  • Belajar Peta Bali

    Belajar Peta Bali




    Bali Green merupakan game trivia berbeda dari biasanya ! Temukan 31 tempat unik dan menarik di Bali sebagai pulau pariwisata paling diminati di Asia dan Di Seluruh Dunia. Penjelasan sebuah lokasi pariwisata akan membantu anda untuk menebak lokasi yang dimaksud. Gunakan kesempatan kesalahan...

  • Belajar English for Kids

    Belajar English for Kids




    Bahasa inggris adalah bahasa nomor satu di dunia, oleh karena itu wajib diajarkan kepada anak-anak sejak dini. Pembelajaran interaktif "English for Kids" adalah penunjang dasar dalam menguasai suatu bahasa dan memacu kreativitas anak-anak. Mulai dari mengenal huruf, menyusun kata, dan...

  • Belajar Menulis

    Belajar Menulis




    Mari ajak putra putri untuk belajar lebih dini menulis angka, huruf, kata dan kalimat baik dalam bahasa indonesia atau bahasa inggris. Selamat Mencoba

  • Belajar Pancasila

    Belajar Pancasila




    Konten ini mengajak putra putri Indonesia mengenal Pancasila, dilengkapi dengan lambang-lambang beserta maknanya, Sila-Sila, Lagu pancasila dan Memory Game

  • Belajar Huruf dan Angka

    Belajar Huruf dan Angka




    Huruf dan Angka adakag dasar kemampuan bahasa maupun matematika. Ajarkan sejak anak usia dini (2-3 tahun). Dengan mendownload aplikasi ini, anak bisa belajar dengan mudah dan mandiri.

  • Life in Gajahmada

    Life in Gajahmada




    Life in Gajahmada Bali, a unique tourism and most exotic island in the world. Denpasar is the capital of Bali with the Gajahmada as cultural heritage based economy. Here lived a young boy named I Wayan Doglag, a poor orphan. His childhood was spent in Gajahmada as street children. Now he's...

  • Belajar Membaca

    Belajar Membaca




    Permainan huruf untuk mempercepat anak Belajar Membaca. Ada 4 level yang di sesuaikan dengan kemampuan (kata dengan 3 huruf, 4 huruf, 5 huruf dan membaca kalimat). Biarkan anak bermain huruf, tanpa disadari Anak anda akan bisa membaca.... Selamat Mencoba.

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